Spirit Update Archive: 2006

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sol 1051-1057 22-Dec-2006 Spirit Tests New Computer Smarts, Studies Rocks and Terrain
sol 1043-1051 18-Dec-2006 Relay Link Restored After Orbiter's Recovery
sol 1039-1042 08-Dec-2006 Spirit Slowly Resumes Driving on Martian Terrain
sol 1024-1038 05-Dec-2006 Spirit Slowly Begins Driving Again
sol 1017-1023 04-Dec-2006 More Remote Science for Spirit
sol 1013-1016 13-Nov-2006 Spirit's 'Arm' Busy Checking New Targets
sol 1006-1012 07-Nov-2006 Spirit Passes 1000 Sols and Continues its Winter Campaign
sol 982-987 16-Oct-2006 Approaching Solar Conjunction
sol 977-981 13-Oct-2006 Spirit Studies Layers of Volcanic Rock
sol 970-976 29-Sep-2006 Solar Power Is on the Rise as Spirit 'Follows the Water'
sol 964-969 22-Sep-2006 Spirit Activates New Software
sol 957-963 14-Sep-2006 The Martian Sun Also Rises as Winter Retreats
sol 950-956 08-Sep-2006 Spirit Monitors Dust and Searches for Clouds
sol 943-949 05-Sep-2006 Spirit Recovers from Software Reset, Makes Finishing Touches to Winter Panorama
sol 933-942 25-Aug-2006 Spirit Continues Mid-Winter Studies of Martian Rocks and Soil
sol 929-932 18-Aug-2006 Spirit Checking 'Korolev'
sol 922-928 11-Aug-2006 Spirit Survives Second Winter Solstice on Mars
sol 915-921 04-Aug-2006 Spirit Completes Camera Check-Up, Puts Finishing Touches on Panorama
sol 908-914 29-Jul-2006 NASA's Spirit Rover Survives Record Cold on Mars
sol 904-907 21-Jul-2006 Spirit Clears Away Dust, Gets New Software Upgrade
sol 897-904 14-Jul-2006 Spirit to Get New Robotic Capabilities As Martian Winter Turns to Spring
sol 889-896 07-Jul-2006 Spirit Continues Work As Martian Days Grow Shorter
sol 881-888 06-Jul-2006 Spirit Copes with Decreasing Solar Energy
sol 874-880 23-Jun-2006 Spirit "Warms up the Engines," Continues Work on Mars
sol 867-873 21-Jun-2006 Spirit Continues Work Even As Martian Winter Deepens
sol 860-866 06-Jun-2006 Progress on Long-Term Experiments
sol 855-859 01-Jun-2006 Spirit Perfects Pointing Parameters, Collects Images Large and Small
sol 847-854 26-May-2006 Spirit Continues Studies of Martian "Winter Haven"
sol 842-846 19-May-2006 Spirit Continues Winter Studies of Soil, Sky and Terrain
sol 835-841 11-May-2006 Spirit Continues Studying Soil and Collecting Images
sol 828-834 05-May-2006 Spirit Begins First Interplanetary Layer-by-Layer Soil Analysis
sol 820-827 01-May-2006 Spirit Continues Winter Science Studies on Mars
sol 812-819 21-Apr-2006 Spirit Studies New Terrain
sol 803-811 14-Apr-2006 Spirit Finally Reaches a Potential Winter Haven
sol 796-804 06-Apr-2006 Spirit Seeks Alternate Winter Science Station
sol 790-797 31-Mar-2006 Difficult progress with five-wheel drive
sol 782-789 28-Mar-2006 Flight Team Investigates Right Front Wheel Anomaly
sol 778-783 16-Mar-2006 Spirit Continues Driving on Five Wheels
sol 771-777 11-Mar-2006 Spirit Studies Surface and Atmosphere on Way to 'McCool'
sol 763-770 03-Mar-2006 Spirit Studies Geology While Preparing for Martian Winter
sol 758-763 24-Feb-2006 Spirit Races Against Time and Dwindling Sunlight
sol 750-755 17-Feb-2006 Spirit Studies Layered Rocks
sol 743-749 10-Feb-2006 Spirit Reaches "Home Plate"
sol 735-742 06-Feb-2006 Spirit Completes Mile No. 4 on Mars
sol 730-735 27-Jan-2006 Spirit Nears 'Home Plate'
sol 723-729 25-Jan-2006 Spirit Completes Studies of 'Arad,' Moves On
sol 715-722 18-Jan-2006 Spirit at 'Arad'
sol 708-714 06-Jan-2006 Spirit Heading to 'Home Plate'
sol 701-707 05-Jan-2006 Spirit Meets 'Gallant Knight'