Spirit Update Archive: 2007

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sol 1409-1415 26-Dec-2007 Spirit Conducts Detailed Studies of Rocks First Encountered in 2006
sol 1404-1408 21-Dec-2007 Spirit Makes It to a North-Facing Slope
sol 1398-1403 17-Dec-2007 Final Winter Haven Selection Near
sol 1390-1397 14-Dec-2007 Spirit Scouts "Home Plate" for Safe Haven
sol 1384-1389 30-Nov-2007 Spirit Breaks Free in Race for Survival
sol 1377-1383 26-Nov-2007 Rover Slips in Sandy Terrain
sol 1370-1376 26-Nov-2007 Spirit in a Race Against the Clock
sol 1363-1369 12-Nov-2007 Spirit Continues Drive As Power Levels Decline
sol 1355-1362 02-Nov-2007 Spirit to Head North for the Winter
sol 1348-1354 30-Oct-2007 Spirit Considers Options for Surviving Another Winter on Mars
sol 1343-1347 29-Oct-2007 Spirit Continues Studies of Rocks on "Home Plate"
sol 1337-1342 11-Oct-2007 Hardy Rover Continues to Celebrate Milestones
sol 1329-1336 08-Oct-2007 Rover Experiences Data Backlog
sol 1321-1328 27-Sep-2007 Spirit Arrives at "Stratigraphic Wonderland"
sol 1315-1320 25-Sep-2007 Spirit Makes Progress Across "Home Plate"
sol 1309-1314 18-Sep-2007 Spirit Explores Top of "Home Plate"
sol 1303-1308 10-Sept-2007 Spirit Finally Arrives at Home Plate!
sol 1295-1302 30-Aug-2007 Spirit Slowly Emerges from Blanket of Dust
sol 1288-1294 23-Aug-2007 Spirit Tries to Coax Dust from Microscopic Imager
sol 1284-1287 20-Aug-2007 Dust from Martian Sky Accumulates on Solar Panels
sol 1274-1283 16-Aug-2007 Gloomy Skies Show Signs of Clearing
sol 1268-1273 08-Aug-2007 Martian Dust Begins to Settle -- Right on Top of the Solar Arrays
sol 1261-1267 08-Aug-2007 Atmospheric Gloom Reaches Record Levels
sol 1253-1260 08-Aug-2007 Spirit Monitors Dust Storm While Studying Martian Terrain
sol 1247-1252 16-July-2007 Spirit Examines Rocks Possibly Formed In Volcanic Gases or Hot Springs
sol 1240-1246 16-July-2007 Spirit Encounters First Big Dust Storm of the Season
sol 1234-1239 02-July-2007 Spirit Independently Approaches and Studies a Rock Outcrop
sol 1226-1233 27-June-2007 Spirit's Solar Power Levels Continue to Rise
sol 1219-1225 18-June-2007 Spirit's Solar Panels Get Spring Cleaning
sol 1207-1218 11-June-2007 Spirit Studies Layered Rocks at 'Home Plate'
sol 1200-1206 31-May-2007 Remarkable Rover Continues to Astonish
sol 1193-1199 24-May-2007 Spirit Continues Soil Analysis
sol 1186-1192 14-May-2007 Spirit Continues Studies of Interesting Material Near "Home Plate"
sol 1179-1185 06-May-2007 Spirit Examined Light--Colored Material Near "Home Plate"
sol 1172-1178 01-May-2007 Spirit Discovers Changes in Soil Near "Home Plate"
sol 1164-1171 23-Apr-2007 Spirit Continues Studies of Rocks Near "Home Plate"
sol 1159-1163 13-Apr-2007 Spirit Continues Studies En Route to "Home Plate"
sol 1152-1158 10-Apr-2007 Spirit Studies Rocks En Route to "Home Plate"
sol 1145-1151 03-Apr-2007 Spirit Begins to Look for Best Access to "Home Plate"
sol 1141-1144 23-Mar-2007 Spirit Studies Rocks in Vicinity of "Home Plate"
sol 1132-1140 20-Mar-2007 Spirit Loses, Re-Establishes Contact with Orbiter
sol 1125-1131 12-Mar-2007 Spirit Studies "Home Plate" from the West
sol 1118-1124 08-Mar-2007 Spirit Studies Rock Outcrops, Drives Near 'Home Plate'
sol 1113-1117 23-Feb-2007 Spirit Continues Driving While Engineers Check Robotic Arm
sol 1104-1112 16-Feb-2007 Spirit Perfects the Art of Driving on Five Wheels
sol 1097-1103 09-Feb-2007 It's Officially Spring on Mars
sol 1091-1096 01-Feb-2007 Spirit Examines Churned-Up Martian Soil
sol 1085-1090 27-Jan-2007 Spirit Studies Layered Rocks and Wind-Blown Drifts
sol 1079-1084 19-Jan-2007 Spirit Studies Distinctive Rock Layers with Granules and Platy Beds
sol 1070-1078 12-Jan-2007 Spirit Continues to Test New Computer Smarts
sol 1063-1069 05-Jan-2007 Martian Weather Delays Travel Plans
sol 1058-1062 02-Jan-2007 Spirit Rests During Dust Storm