Spirit Update Archive: 2009

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sol 2125-2130 30-December-2009 Minimal Progress in Recent Extraction Drives
sol 2118-2124 24-December-2009 Intermittent Functionality in Right-Front Wheel
sol 2111-2117 16-December-2009 Surprise from Right-Front Wheel
sol 2100-2110 09-December-2009 Trouble with Right-Rear Wheel
sol 2096-2099 28-November-2009 Diagnostic Wheel Tests Continue
sol 2091-2095 24-November-2009 Extrication Attempt Continues
sol 2084-2090 19-November-2009 Extrication Attempt Begins
sol 2077-2083 11-November-2009 Flash Memory in Use Again
sol 2070-2076 04-November-2009 Dealing with Flash Access
sol 2063-2069 28-October-2009 Amnesia-like Symptoms Return
sol 2056-2062 21-October-2009 Antenna Back to Normal Use
sol 2050-2055 14-October-2009 In X-Band Fault Mode
sol 2042-2049 08-October-2009 Busy with Antenna Brake Testing and Underbelly Imaging
sol 2035-2041 29-September-2009 Intermittent Problem with Antenna Brake
sol 2029-2034 22-September-2009 Progress on Antenna Actuator
sol 2022-2028 16-September-2009 Diagnostics on Antenna Actuator
sol 2015-2021 09-September-2009 Examining Target 'Olive Leaf'
sol 2009-2014 02-September-2009 Sky Clearer at 'Troy,' Smoky at JPL
sol 2002-2008 26-August-2009 Regional Dust Storm
sol 1995-2001 19-August-2009 More than 2,000 sols
sol 1989-1994 12-August-2009 Deeper Look into Soil Targets
sol 1981-1988 06-August-2009 Illumination Experiment and Other Studies
sol 1975-1980 29-July-2009 Robotic Arm Diagnostics
sol 1968-1974 23-July-2009 Poking 'Cyclops Eye'
sol 1961-1967 15-July-2009 More Soil Studies and Extraction Tests
sol 1953-1960 08-July-2009 Active Days and Nights
sol 1948-1952 30-June-2009 Soil Investigation Continues
sol 1941-1947 24-June-2009 Studying Troy
sol 1934-1940 18-June-2009 Soil Investigation
sol 1927-1933 10-June-2009 Observation Campaign at 'Troy'
sol 1920-1926 03-June-2009 Underbelly Photography
sol 1913-1919 27-May-2009 Recovery Efforts Continue
sol 1907-1912 20-May-2009 Spirit Works on Exit Strategy
sol 1900-1906 14-May-2009 Embedded and Cleaner
sol 1893-1899 06-May-2009 Another Power Boost, But Difficult Driving
sol 1886-1892 29-Apr-2009 Well Behaved, Less Dusty, in Difficult Terrain
sol 1879-1885 23-Apr-2009 Another Reset and a Cleaning Event
sol 1872-1878 15-Apr-2009 Memory Gaps and Unexplained Resets
sol 1865-1871 08-Apr-2009 Four Drives Add to Progress
sol 1859-1864 31-March-2009 More Bright Soil Exposed by Driving
sol 1852-1858 25-March-2009 Distance Record for Five-Wheel Driving
sol 1845-1851 18-March-2009 Getting Away from a Trouble Spot
sol 1838-1844 11-March-2009 Change to Western Route
sol 1831-1837 04-March-2009 Slight Progress on New Route
sol 1824-1830 25-February-2009 Route Change
sol 1817-1823 17-February-2009 Another Cleaning
sol 1810-1816 10-February-2009 Cleaning Event Aids Daily Energy
sol 1803-1809 03-February-2009 Finding Explanations
sol 1797-1802 27-January-2009 Unexpected Behavior
sol 1791-1797 22-January-2009 On the Move
sol 1784-1790 14-January-2009 Spirit Guns the Engine
sol 1776-1783 07-January-2009 Descent of Spirit