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M I S S I O N     M A N A G E R S   
Scott Lever, Mission manager Mike Seibert, Mission manager Matt Keuneke, Mission manager
Scott Lever Mike Seibert Matt Keuneke
P R E V I O U S    M I S S I O N    M A N A G E R S
Al Herrera, Mission Manager Cindy Oda, Mission Manager Rich Morris, Mission Manager Bill Nelson, Mission manager
Matt Keuneke Cindy Oda Richard Morris Bill Nelson
Byron Jones, Mission Manager Mark Adler, Mission Manager Leo Bister, Mission manager Beth Dewell, Mission Manager
Byron Jones Mark Adler Leo Bister Beth Dewell
Emily Eelkema, Mission Manager Jeff Favretto, Mission Manager Soina Ghandchi, Mission Manager Andy Mishkin, Mission Manager
Emily Eelkema Jeff Favretto Saina Ghandchi Andy Mishkin
Art Thompson, Mission Manager Rick Welch, Mission Manager Colette Lohr, Mission Manager Dan Gaines, Mission Manager
Art Thompson Rick Welch Colette Lohr Dan Gaines

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sol 4692-4698 11-Apr-2017 Opportunity Nears 'Perseverance Valley'
sol 4685-4691 29-Mar-2017 Several Drives and Imaging This Week on the Way to 'Perseverance Valley'
sol 4672-4677 24-Mar-2017 The Dust Storm West of Opportunity is Starting to Abate
sol 4664-4671 24-Mar-2017 Heading to South to 'Perseverance Valley' Gully
sol 4657-4663 11-Mar-2017 Driving South to Gully
sol 4651-4656 22-Feb-2017 Getting Closer to Gully
sols 4637-4643 16-Feb-2017 Leaving Crater Rim for the Plains of Meridiani
sol 4631-4636 13-Feb-2017 Opportunity Clicks Over 44 Kilometers on the Odometer!
sol 4624-4630 02-Feb-2017 Opportunity Takes Advantage of her Location to do a Mini Science Campaign
sol 4617-4623 27-Jan-2017 Opportunity Celebrates 13 Years of Operations on Mars
sol 4610-4616 19-Jan-2017 Driving Up a Steep Slope
sol 4603-4609 10-Jan-2017 Opportunity Continues Its Journey South Along Crater Rim
sol 4590-4602 6-Jan-2017 A New Year Yields Interesting Bright Soil
sol 4583-4589 6-Jan-2017 Tackling Challenging Terrain
sol 4576-4582 16-Dec-2016 Rover Performs Several Drives to Ancient Gully
sol 4569-4575 08-Dec-2016 Rover Headed Toward an Ancient Water-Carved Gully
sol 4556-4568 06-Dec-2016 A Probable Path Forward to The 'Gully'
sol 4549-4555 21-Nov-2016 Team Considering a Different Route Due to Boulder Field Ahead
sol 4542-4548 11-Nov-2016 Opportunity Heads to Next Science Waypoint and Pushes Over 27 Miles on the Odometer
sol 4535-4541 03-Nov-2016 Small U-turn to Reach Summit of Spirit Mound
sol 4528-4534 31-Oct-2016 Supporting ESA ExoMars Arrival
sol 4522-4527 21-Oct-2016 Preparations for an Attempt to Image Mars Arrival
sol 4515-4521 18-Oct-2016 Rover Conducting Science Investigations at 'Spirit Mound'
sol 4507-4514 07-Oct-2016 Opportunity at First Science Spot of its 10th Extended Mission
sol 4500-4506 28-Sep-2016 Busy Week of Science and Imaging for Opportunity
sol 4494-4500 21-Sep-2016 Rover Makes Its Way to 'Spirit Mound,' The First Waypoint in Extended Mission
sol 4488-4493 15-Sep-2016 Opportunity Heads Toward First Waypoint of its Next Extended Mission
sol 4481-4487 09-Sep-2016 Opportunity Has Left 'Marathon Valley' and Is Heading into Endeavour Crater
sol 4474-4480 01-Sep-2016 Dust Storm Reduces Available Solar Energy on Opportunity
sol 4466-4473 26-Aug-2016 Opportunity Continues to Study Grooves
sol 4458-4465 18-Aug-2016 Studying Grooves
sol 4452-4457 10-Aug-2016 Going Back for Closer Look at Interesting Grooves Seen in Images
sol 4446-4451 31-Jul-2016 Getting Ready to Take a Panorama
sol 4440-4445 28-Jul-2016 Opportunity Surpasses 43 Kilometers on the Odometer!
sol 4433-4439 21-Jul-2016 Active Science on Mars 40 Years After Viking
sol 4426-4432 20-Jul-2016 A Few Drives and Some Imaging Before Wrapping Up Work Within Marathon Valley
sol 4418-4425 07-Jul-2016 Wrapping up Studies in Marathon Valley
sol 4413-4417 30-Jun-2016 Finishing Science Investigations at the Center of 'Marathon Valley'
sol 4406-4412 23-Jun-2016 Opportunity is on its Final Science Campaign at 'Marathon Valley'
sol 4399-4405 17-Jun-2016 Opportunity Wraps up Work on 'Wheel Scuff'
sol 4392-4398 14-Jun-2016 Examining Pebbles Exposed by 'Wheel Scuff'
sol 4385-4391 03-Jun-2016 Study of 'Wheel Scuff' Continues
sol 4378-4384 26-May-2016 Investigating the Soil Exposed with the Rover Wheel
sol 4372-4377 19-May-2016 Opportunity Collects a Panorama and Uses Wheel to 'Scuff' the Soil for a Closer Look
sol 4365-4371 12-May-2016 Microscopic Imaging Camera on Robotic Arm Back to Normal Operations
sol 4358-4364 5-May-2016 Investigations on Microscopic Imaging Camera Continue
sol 4351-4357 28-Apr-2016 Camera on Robotic Arm Passes Diagnostic Test
sol 4344-4350 27-Apr-2016 Rover Completes Mini-Walkabout
sol 4338-4343 14-Apr-2016 Rover Mini-Walkabout to Find Clay Mineral Continues
sol 4331-4337 08-Apr-2016 Opportunity Captures Swirling Dust Devil at Endeavour Crater
sol 4324-4330 04-Apr-2016 Climbing to Clay-Mineral Site Seen from Orbit
sol 4317-4323 24-Mar-2016 Opportunity Moves to New Locations to the Southwest
sol 4311-4316 23-Mar-2016 Rover Goes Back Downhill
sol 4304-4310 23-Mar-2016 Rover on Slippery Slopes
sol 4297-4303 14-Mar-2016 Seeking Clay Minerals on Steeper Slopes
sol 4290-4296 29-Feb-2016 Rover Begins Contact Science of Rock Target on 'Knudsen Ridge'
sol 4283-4289 29-Feb-2016 Prepping for Slope Investigations
sol 4276-4282 18-Feb-2016 Taking Panoramic Views and Prepping for Science
sol 4269-4275 04-Feb-2016 Climbing Steeper Slopes to Reach Science Targets
sol 4263-4268 28-Jan-2016 Opportunity Reaches 12 Years on Mars!
sol 4256-4262 21-Jan-2016 Rock Abrasion Tool Conducts Two Rock Grinds
sol 4247-4255 15-Jan-2016 Rover Uses Rock Abrasion Tool to Grind Rocks
sol 4229-4246 12-Jan-2016 Opportunity Welcomes Winter Solstice
sol 4222-4228 17-Dec-2015 Rover On Steeper Slopes
sol 4215-4221 15-Dec-2015 A Week of Robotic Arm Activities
sol 4202-4214 02-Dec-2015 Arm Raised to Take in the View
sol 4194-4201 19-Nov-2015 Returning to RAM
sol 4188-4193 10-Nov-2015 Opportunity Dips Back Into Flash
sol 4181-4187 03-Nov-2015 Just In Time For Halloween, A Network Problem And An Amnesia Event Slows Down Robotic Arm Work
sol 4174-4180 27-Oct-2015 A Week of Imaging From South Side of Valley
sol 4168-4173 20-Oct-2015 Power Levels Low Due to Winter Setting In
sol 4162-4167 19-Oct-2015 The Rover Is Now On North-Facing Slopes To Charge The Solar Panels For The Winter
sol 4154-4161 14-Oct-2015 Opportunity Doing Work at 'Marathon Valley' Before Moving to Winter Location
sol 4147-4153 14-Oct-2015 Rover Back to Normal Operations After Vehicle Reset Due to Flash System
sol 4140-4146 25-Sep-2015 Rover's Current Location Makes Communications a Challenge
sol 4133-4139 21-Sep-2015 Search for Clay Minerals Continues
sol 4126-4133 09-Sep-2015 Team Continues to Operate Rover in RAM Mode
sol 4120-4125 08-Sep-2015 Driving West To Reach New Rock Target
sol 4113-4119 31-Aug-2015 Brushing a Rock and In-Situ Studies
sol 4106-4112 24-Aug-2015 Clay-Mineral Rocks Get Closer Inspection
sol 4099-4105 11-Aug-2015 The Challenges of RAM Mode
sol 4094-4098 05-Aug-2015 Looking Forward to Contact Science in 'Marathon Valley'
sol 4085-4093 30-Jul-2015 Beginning to Explore 'Marathon Valley'
sol 4080-4084 20-Jul-2015 Experimenting with Flash Memory
sol 4072-4079 15-Jul-2015 A Week of Imaging and Driving
sol 4059-4064 02-Jul-2015 Opportunity Gets Back to Work
sol 4053-4058 25-Jun-2015 Rover In Good Health After Communication Blackout
sol 4043-4052 19-Jun-2015 Rover Remains in Solar Conjunction Communication Blackout
sol 4039-4042 07-Jun-2015 For Next Three Weeks, Rover in Quiet Period of Operations
sol 4030-4038 05-Jun-2015 Rover Ready for Solar Conjunction and Period of Curtailed Operations
sol 4024-4029 26-May-2015 Preparing for Solar Conjunction
sol 4018-4023 19-May-2015 Rover Restored to Normal Operations After a Reset Error
sol 4011-4017 18-May-2015 Exploring the 'Spirit of St. Louis' Crater
sol 4004-4010 08-May-2015 Opportunity Getting Ready to Enter 'Spirit of St. Louis' Crater
sol 3999-4003 28-Apr-2015 4,000+ Martian Days of Work on Mars!
sol 3990-3998 23-Apr-2015 Rover on the Lookout for Dust Devils!
sol 3983-3989 16-Apr-2015 Robotic Arm Gets Busy on Rock Outcrop
sol 3976-3982 07-Apr-2015 Examining Rock Outcrop at 'The Spirit of St. Louis' Crater
sol 3970-3975 30-Mar-2015 Rover Explores ‘The Spirit of St. Louis’ Crater
sol 3963-3969 27-Mar-2015 Flash Reformatted and Marathon Completed
sol 3957-3962 19-Mar-2015 Approaching 'The Spirit of St. Louis' Crater
sol 3949-3956 11-Mar-2015 Sampling Mars Rocks
sol 3944-3948 10-Mar-2015 Taking a Closer Look at Purple-Bluish Rock Formation
sol 3937-3943 27-Feb-2015 New Flight Software to Fix Memory Issues is Onboard Rover
sol 3928-3936 19-Feb-2015 Solar Panels Get a Small Energy Boost
sol 3922-3927 18-Feb-2015 Latest Drive Puts Rover Within Marathon-Distance Record
sol 3915-3921 09-Feb-2015 Rover Continues Driving While Team Works on Rover Memory Issues
sol 3909-3914 29-Jan-2015 Several Drives This Week Put Opportunity Near Marathon Distance
sol 3902-3908 21-Jan-2015 Team Has Plan to Fix Flash Memory Issue
sol 3895-3901 13-Jan-2015 Team Working on Strategy to Fix Flash Memory Issue
sol 3875-3894 06-Jan-2015 Rover Reaches the Summit of ‘Cape Tribulation’ After Several Drives this Week
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