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M I S S I O N     M A N A G E R S   
Scott Lever, Mission manager Mike Seibert, Mission manager Al Herrera, Mission manager
Scott Lever Mike Seibert Al Herrera
P R E V I O U S    M I S S I O N    M A N A G E R S
Matt Keuneke, Mission Manager Cindy Oda, Mission Manager Rich Morris, Mission Manager Bill Nelson, Mission manager
Matt Keuneke Cindy Oda Richard Morris Bill Nelson
Byron Jones, Mission Manager Mark Adler, Mission Manager Leo Bister, Mission manager Beth Dewell, Mission Manager
Byron Jones Mark Adler Leo Bister Beth Dewell
Emily Eelkema, Mission Manager Jeff Favretto, Mission Manager Soina Ghandchi, Mission Manager Andy Mishkin, Mission Manager
Emily Eelkema Jeff Favretto Saina Ghandchi Andy Mishkin
Art Thompson, Mission Manager Rick Welch, Mission Manager Colette Lohr, Mission Manager Dan Gaines, Mission Manager
Art Thompson Rick Welch Colette Lohr Dan Gaines

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sol 313-319 21-Dec-2004 Back on the Plains
sol 306-315 14-Dec-2004 Out of 'Endurance'
sol 292-298 06-Dec-2004 Edging Out of 'Endurance'
sol 285-291 23-Nov-2004 Finishing Up in 'Endurance'
sol 265-271 08-Nov-2004 Journey toward 'Burns Cliff' Continues
sol 258-264 22-Oct-2004 Wave Goodbye to 'Wopmay'
sol 251-257 22-Oct-2004 Welcome to 'Wopmay'
sol 245-250 13-Oct-2004 Working towards 'Wopmay'
sol 238-241 30-Sep-2004 Waking up from a Winter's Nap
sol 215-217 13-Sep-2004 Spectrometers Sample Clean and Dirty Targets
sol 211-214 09-Sep-2004 RAT is Rearin' to Go!
sol 209-210 31-Aug-2004 'Look Mom, no pebble!'
sol 204-208 30-Aug-2004 Trying Traverses
sol 200-203 23-Aug-2004 Opportunity Team Decides Against Dunes
sol 196-199 18-Aug-2004 Power Boost for Opportunity
sol 192-195 16-Aug-2004 Abrading 'Axel Heiberg'
sol 190-191 12-Aug-2004 Aiming for 'Axel Heiberg'
sol 188-189 09-Aug-2004 Opportunity Turns to Talk to Odyssey
sol 186-187 06-Aug-2004 "Tuktoyuktuk's" Turn
sol 181-185 03-Aug-2004 Opportunity Finishing Up at 'Karatepe'
sol 177-180 30-Jul-2004 Opportunity Sees Double
sol 174-176 27-Jul-2004 Opportunity Pokes Around Pig
sol 170-173 26-Jul-2004 Opportunity Lives High off the Hog
sol 166-169 20-Jul-2004 Opportunity Multi-Tasks on the Slopes of 'Endurance Crater'
sol 159-163 15-Jul-2004 Opportunity Reading Rocks Within its Reach
sol 154-158 07-Jul-2004 Opportunity Tests its Mettle on Slopes of 'Endurance Crater'
sol 150-153 01-Jul-2004 Ravenous Rock Abrasion Tool
sol 144-149 29-Jun-2004 RAT Hops from 'Virginia' to 'London'
sol 141-143 22-Jun-2004 Edging Down 'Endurance'
sol 138-140 18-Jun-2004 Diggin' into 'Tennessee'
sol 134-137 15-Jun-2004 Exploring Endurance
sol 130-133 10-Jun-2004 Opportunity Takes A Dip
sol 127-129 10-Jun-2004 To Ingress or Not to Ingress
sol 123 -127 10-Jun-2004 Opportunity Sols 123-127 Mission Update
sol 115-116 25-May-2004 Opportunity on the Edge
sol 112 18-May-2004 A Sol for Rest and Recharging
sol 107-111 17-May-2004 Opportunity Digs, Scuffs, and Cruises.
sol 103-106 13-May-2004 Crater Cruise
sol 101-102 10-May-2004 'Deep Sleep' Gives Opportunity More Energy to Cruise the Crater
sol 98-99 06-May-2004 An Eyeful at 'Endurance'
sol 94-97 03-May-2004 Opportunity Arrives at 'Endurance Crater'
sol 92-93 29-Apr-2004 Opportunity Edges Its Way Toward 'Endurance'
sol 90-91 27-Apr-2004 Opportunity Achieves Mission Success!
sol 88-89 27-Apr-2004 Finishing Up at 'Fram'
sol 87 23-Apr-2004 Opportunity Reviews Rock Abrasion Tool Hole
sol 86 23-Apr-2004 Rock Abrasion Tool Pesters 'Pilbara'
sol 85 21-Apr-2004 Finally at 'Fram'
sol 84 19-Apr-2004 On the Way to 'Fram Crater'
sol 81-82 17-Apr-2004 Record-Setting Drive
sol 80 15-Apr-2004 A Taxing Day at the Trench
sol 79 14-Apr-2004 Opportunity Wakes with New "Brainpower"
sol 78 12-Apr-2004 Opportunity Stands Down for Flight Software Update
sol 73 08-Apr-2004 Trough Tour Continues
sol 72 07-Apr-2004 Traveling Around the Trough
sol 70 06-Apr-2004 100-Meter Dash
sol 68-69 05-Apr-2004 Bidding Adieu to 'Bounce'
sol 67 02-Apr-2004 'Bounce' Barraged by Instruments
sol 66 01-Apr-2004 Biting into 'Bounce'
sol 65 31-Mar-2004 Opportunity 'Back in the Saddle'
sol 64 30-Mar-2004 Opportunity Takes a Breather
sol 60 26-Mar-2004 Opportunity and 'The Lion King'
sol 59 25-Mar-2004 Browsing Bright Material
sol 58 24-Mar-2004 Back to Bright Material
sol 57 22-Mar-2004 Opportunity Leaves the Nest
sol 56 21-Mar-2004 Try Again to Exit Crater
sol 54 20-Mar-2004 Sightseeing at Sweet Spots
sol 53 18-Mar-2004 Two Down, Three to Go
sol 52 17-Mar-2004 Scrutinizing the Soil
sol 51 16-Mar-2004 "Scuff and Go"
sol 50 15-Mar-2004 Finishing up at the Outcrop
sol 48 14-Mar-2004 Shark Ahead
sol 47 12-Mar-2004 Aiming for Shark's Tooth
sol 46 11-Mar-2004 Berry Nice News
sol 45 10-Mar-2004 Halfway Mark
sol 44 09-Mar-2004 Back to the Grind
sol 43 08-Mar-2004 More Mojo
sol 42 07-Mar-2004 No Hole This Time
sol 41 06-Mar-2004 Precision Driving after Mid-Sol Science
sol 40 05-Mar-2004 Opportunity Fit At Forty
sol 39 04-Mar-2004 An Armada of Arm Moves
sol 38 03-Mar-2004 Opportunity Hits Pay Dirt
sol 37 02-Mar-2004 Let's Go to 'Last Chance'
sol 36 01-Mar-2004 Moving On
sol 35 29-Feb-2004 "Guadalupe" Under the Microscope
sol 34 28-Feb-2004 Scratch and Sniff
sol 33 27-Feb-2004 Biting Blueberry Hill
sol 32 26-Feb-2004 New Communications Plan
sol 31 25-Feb-2004 Opportunity Gets an Attitude Adjustment
sol 30 24-Feb-2004 A Beautiful Grind
sol 28 22-Feb-2004 Busy Microscope at "El Capitan"
sol 27 21-Feb-2004 Supersized Science
sol 26 20-Feb-2004 Enter the Rock Abrasion Tool
sol 25 19-Feb-2004 Stutter Stepping to El Capitan
sol 24 18-Feb-2004 Peering into the Hole
sol 23 17-Feb-2004 Can You Dig It?
sol 22 16-Feb-2004 Check Before Digging
sol 21 15-Feb-2004 Dig this Place
sol 20 14-Feb-2004 Rover Says "No"
sol 19 12-Feb-2004 Intending to Trench
sol 18 12-Feb-2004 Extended Tour
sol 17 11-Feb-2004 Three-Day Tour
sol 16 09-Feb-2004 Slip Sliding Away
sol 15 08-Feb-2004 Opportunity Gets a Closer Look at the Outcrop
sol 14 07-Feb-2004 Opportunity Succeeds with First "Touch and Go"
sol 13 06-Feb-2004 Driving to "Snout"
sol 12 05-Feb-2004 Opportunity Passes Her Driver's Test!
sol 11 04-Feb-2004 Opportunity to "Stow and Go"
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