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M I S S I O N     M A N A G E R S   
Scott Lever, Mission manager Mike Seibert, Mission manager Al Herrera, Mission manager
Scott Lever Mike Seibert Al Herrera
P R E V I O U S    M I S S I O N    M A N A G E R S
Matt Keuneke, Mission Manager Cindy Oda, Mission Manager Rich Morris, Mission Manager Bill Nelson, Mission manager
Matt Keuneke Cindy Oda Richard Morris Bill Nelson
Byron Jones, Mission Manager Mark Adler, Mission Manager Leo Bister, Mission manager Beth Dewell, Mission Manager
Byron Jones Mark Adler Leo Bister Beth Dewell
Emily Eelkema, Mission Manager Jeff Favretto, Mission Manager Soina Ghandchi, Mission Manager Andy Mishkin, Mission Manager
Emily Eelkema Jeff Favretto Saina Ghandchi Andy Mishkin
Art Thompson, Mission Manager Rick Welch, Mission Manager Colette Lohr, Mission Manager Dan Gaines, Mission Manager
Art Thompson Rick Welch Colette Lohr Dan Gaines

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sol 1389-1395 27-Dec-2007 Still Grinding After All These Years
sol 1382-1388 19-Dec-2007 Opportunity Enjoys Ample Power ... for Now
sol 1375-1381 17-Dec-2007 Opportunity Maneuvers Around Steeper Slopes in "Victoria Crater"
sol 1368-1374 10-Dec-2007 Opportunity Grinds into Rock in "Victoria Crater"
sol 1361-1367 30-Nov-2007 Multi-Tasking Rover Supports Multiple Missions
sol 1355-1360 29-Nov-2007 Rover Perseveres Despite Stall in Robotic Arm
sol 1349-1354 19-Nov-2007 Opportunity Peers Beneath Surface of "Bathtub Ring"
sol 1343-1348 13-Nov-2007 Rover Finds Way to Brush Rock Surfaces Despite Setbacks
sol 1336-1342 12-Nov-2007 Rock Abrasion Tool Shows Anomalous Behavior
sol 1329-1335 06-Nov-2007 Opportunity Prepares for Arrival of Phoenix While Exploring "Victoria Crater"
sol 1322-1328 05-Nov-2007 Opportunity Descends Deeper into "Victoria Crater"
sol 1316-1321 05-Nov-2007 Opportunity Studies Rock Composition and Changes in Atmosphere
sol 1309-1315 05-Nov-2007 Rover Gets Energy Boost, Compensates for Stalled Joint
sol 1301-1308 01-Nov-2007 Opportunity Studies "Bathtub Ring" In "Victoria Crater"
sol 1282-1300 01-Nov-2007 Opportunity Enters Biggest Crater Yet Explored on Mars
sol 1274-1281 20-Sep-2007 'Shaking' Off the Dust and Getting Back to Work
sol 1256-1265 23-Aug-2007 Brightening Skies Bolster Opportunity
sol 1220-1225 13-July-2007 Opportunity Waiting for Dust to Settle
sol 1200-1205 15-Jun-2007 Observing 'Duck Bay'
sol 1194-1199 07-Jun-2007 Checking Out New Driving Capabilities
sol 1171-1177 25-May-2007 Opportunity Studies Rocks Representative of Crater Wall
sol 1164-1170 24-May-2007 Opportunity Turns Up the Amps
sol 1157-1163 04-May-2007 Opportunity Conducts Successful Path Planning Test and Gets Another Energy Boost
sol 1152-1156 01-May-2007 Opportunity Gets a Boost of Energy and Continues Imaging
sol 1145-1151 24-Apr-2007 Imaging 'Alicante'
sol 1139-1144 17-Apr-2007 Investigating a Dark Streak
sol 1131-1138 10-Apr-2007 Characterizing Wind Streaks
sol 1126-1130 03-Apr-2007 Looking For an 'In'
sol 1118-1125 27-Mar-2007 Opportunity Begins Imaging of 'Cape of Good Hope'
sol 1112-1117 20-Mar-2007 Opportunity Conducts Imaging and Diagnostics
sol 1104-1111 12-Mar-2007 Onward to the 'Valley Without Peril'
sol 1097-1103 07-Mar-2007 Opportunity Checks Out 'Cape of Good Hope'
sol 1091-1096 23-Feb-2007 The View from 'Cabo Corrientes'
sol 1084-1090 20-Feb-2007 Opportunity Continues to Characterize Crater
sol 1077-1083 09-Feb-2007 Opportunity Flips 10 Kilometers and Tests New Drive Software
sol 1070-1076 01-Feb-2007 Opportunity Making Its Way to Final Position on 'Cape Desire'
sol 1063-1069 26-Jan-2007 Opportunity Hones Reckoning Skills, Tests Computer Smarts
sol 1057-1062 19-Jan-2007 Opportunity Studies Cobbles and Rock Exposures Around 'Victoria Crater'
sol 1049-1056 12-Jan-2007 Opportunity Finds Another Meteorite
sol 1043-1048 05-Jan-2007 Opportunity Studies Unusual Rocks on Rim of 'Victoria Crater'
sol 1038-1042 02-Jan-2007 Opportunity Continues Survey from Rim of 'Victoria Crater'
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