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M I S S I O N     M A N A G E R S   
Scott Lever, Mission manager Mike Seibert, Mission manager Matt Keuneke, Mission manager
Scott Lever Mike Seibert Matt Keuneke
P R E V I O U S    M I S S I O N    M A N A G E R S
Al Herrera, Mission Manager Cindy Oda, Mission Manager Rich Morris, Mission Manager Bill Nelson, Mission manager
Matt Keuneke Cindy Oda Richard Morris Bill Nelson
Byron Jones, Mission Manager Mark Adler, Mission Manager Leo Bister, Mission manager Beth Dewell, Mission Manager
Byron Jones Mark Adler Leo Bister Beth Dewell
Emily Eelkema, Mission Manager Jeff Favretto, Mission Manager Soina Ghandchi, Mission Manager Andy Mishkin, Mission Manager
Emily Eelkema Jeff Favretto Saina Ghandchi Andy Mishkin
Art Thompson, Mission Manager Rick Welch, Mission Manager Colette Lohr, Mission Manager Dan Gaines, Mission Manager
Art Thompson Rick Welch Colette Lohr Dan Gaines

Opportunity 2004  | 2005  | 2006  | 2007  | 2008  | 2009
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sol 3868-3874 19-Dec-2014 Rover No-Flash Mode
sol 3862-3867 11-Dec-2014 Flash-Memory Resets Continue
sol 3852-3861 03-Dec-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat Planned
sol 3847-3851 27-Nov-2014 Giving Thanks for Opportunity's Great Work!
sol 3840-3846 19-Nov-2014 Marathon Driving to Marathon Valley
sol 3835-3839 11-Nov-2014 Several Drives Push Opportunity Over 41-Kilometer Mark!
sol 3827-3834 07-Nov-2014 Dust Levels Back to Normal
sol 3821-3826 30-Oct-2014 Dust Storm Watch
sol 3813-3820 27-Oct-2014 Opportunity Snaps Images of Comet Siding Spring
sol 3806-3812 16-Oct-2014 Prepping for Comet Siding Spring Imaging
sol 3799-3805 09-Oct-2014 Studying Blanket of Material Around 'Ulysses' Crater
sol 3793-3798 02-Oct-2014 Opportunity Takes Twilight Images; Preps for Comet Siding Spring Encounter
sol 3786-3792 27-Sep-2014 Opportunity's Heading to a Small Crater Called 'Ulysses'
sol 3779-3785 23-Sep-2014 Back to Driving
sol 3773-3778 12-Sep-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat Successful!
sol 3767-3772 03-Sep-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat is Underway
sol 3759-3766 29-Aug-2014 Flash-Memory Reformat Planned
sol 3752-3758 20-Aug-2014 Rover Suffers a Series of Resets This Week
sol 3745-3751 12-Aug-2014 Ground Control Restored Quickly After Reset
sol 3739-3744 07-Aug-2014 Opportunity Heads to 'Marathon Valley'
sol 3731-3738 31-Jul-2014 Opportunity Holds the Off-Earth Driving Distance Record
sol 3726-3730 22-Jul-2014 Opportunity Passes 25 Miles of Driving on Mars!
sol 3718-3725 17-Jul-2014 Opportunity Heads South Towards Valley A Mile Away
sol 3711-3717 08-Jul-2014 Rover Completes Study of Area with Aluminum Clay Minerals; Heads South
sol 3704-3710 01-Jul-2014 Rover Uses Arm to Study Several Rocks and Takes Panoramic Images
sol 3697-3703 30-Jun-2014 Rover Has Enough Energy for Some Late-Night Work
sol 3691-3696 17-Jun-2014 Imaging Mars' Moon Phobos
sol 3684-3690 11-Jun-2014 Opportunity is exploring the west rim of Endeavour Crater
sol 3677-3683 06-Jun-2014 Opportunity Recovering From Flash Memory Problems
sol 3672-3676 29-May-2014 Rover Corrects its Spacecraft Clock
sol 3663-3671 22-May-2014 Busy Week of Activities on Several Rock Targets
sol 3657-3662 16-May-2014 Opportunity Explores Region of Aluminum Clay Minerals
sol 3650-3656 07-May-2014 Aluminum Bound
sol 3645-3649 30-Apr-2014 Reset and Recovery
sol 3636-3644 24-Apr-2014 Rover Switches to Driving Backwards Due to Elevated Wheel Currents
sol 3630-3635 17-Apr-2014 Driving Up To Crater Rim
sol 3622-3629 11-Apr-2014 Getting in Place for a Better View of 'Endeavour Crater'
sol 3617-3621 07-Apr-2014 Further Southwest on 'Murray Ridge'
sol 3603-3609 24-Mar-2014 Helpful Wind Cleans Solar Panels
sol 3596-3602 14-Mar-2014 The Exploration of Murray Ridge Continues
sol 3589-3595 06-Mar-2014 Investigating 'Cook Haven'
sol 3581-3588 03-Mar-2014 Crushing Rocks With Wheels
sol 3576-3580 03-Mar-2014 Exploration of 'Murray Ridge'
sol 3568-3575 15-Feb-2014 Busy Week of Imaging and Robotic Arm Studies
sol 3561-3567 6-Feb-2014 'Pinnacle Island' Rock Studies Continue
sol 3554-3560 31-Jan-2014 Work on Mystery Rock Continues As Rover Marks 10 Years on Mars
sol 3548-3553 23-Jan-2014 Celebrating 10-Years on Mars!
sol 3541-3547 17-Jan-2014 Encountering a Surprise
sol 3535-3540 09-Jan-2014 Ten-Year Anniversary Nears
sol 3520-3534 01-Jan-2014 Clues from Orbit Aiding Exploration
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