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Spirit Update Archive

M I S S I O N     M A N A G E R S   
Scott Lever, Mission manager Mike Seibert, Mission manager Al Herrera, Mission manager
Scott Lever Mike Seibert Al Herrera
P R E V I O U S    M I S S I O N    M A N A G E R S
Matt Keuneke, Mission Manager Cindy Oda, Mission Manager Rich Morris, Mission Manager Bill Nelson, Mission manager
Matt Keuneke Cindy Oda Richard Morris Bill Nelson
Byron Jones, Mission Manager Mark Adler, Mission Manager Leo Bister, Mission manager Beth Dewell, Mission Manager
Byron Jones Mark Adler Leo Bister Beth Dewell
Emily Eelkema, Mission Manager Jeff Favretto, Mission Manager Soina Ghandchi, Mission Manager Andy Mishkin, Mission Manager
Emily Eelkema Jeff Favretto Saina Ghandchi Andy Mishkin
Art Thompson, Mission Manager Rick Welch, Mission Manager Colette Lohr, Mission Manager Dan Gaines, Mission Manager
Art Thompson Rick Welch Colette Lohr Dan Gaines

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sol 333-345 23-Dec-2004 Spirit Eats a Potato-Sized Rock
sol 326-332 14-Dec-2004 Trekking Toward 'Husband Hill'
sol 306-325 07-Dec-2004 The Holiday Spirit is on Mars
sol 292-305 18-Nov-2004 Three hundred sols and counting!
sol 285-291 03-Nov-2004 The engineering team is keeping Spirit moving
sol 279-284 25-Oct-2004 Spirit's been mulling over 'Uchben'
sol 272-278 20-Oct-2004 Spirit investigating ancient rocks
sol 263-271 11-Oct-2004 Spirit investigating 'Tetl'
sol 243-262 29-Sept-2004 Spirit back to normal operations
sol 239-242 09-Sept-2004 Spirit on Autopilot
sol 232-238 07-Sept-2004 Spirit finishes observing 'Ebenezer' and moves on to 'Tikal'
sol 219-231 31-Aug-2004 Spirit has been etching into 'Ebenezer'
sol 209-218 23-Aug-2004 Spirit probes deeper into 'Clovis' outcrop
sol 205-208 11-Aug-2004 Spirit is investigating 'Clovis' outcrop
sol 201-204 03-Aug-2004 The quest for the top of the hills continues
sol 198-200 28-Jul-2004 Spirit Survives 200 Sols!
sol 194-197 26-Jul-2004 Spirit Investigates "Wooly Patch"
sol 190-193 26-Jul-2004 Spirit is Driving Backwards on Five Wheels
sol 184-189 26-Jul-2004 Spirit Completes its 'Tune-up' and Begins Driving Backwards
sol 181-182 16-Jul-2004 Spirit Gets Into Position for a Tune-Up
sol 179-180 15-Jul-2004 Spirit Reaches 180 Sols!
sol 175-178 09-Jul-2004 Spirit Tries Out Visual Odometry
sol 171-174 02-Jul-2004 Moving On From 'Pot-of-Gold'
sol 167-170 30-Jun-2004 Just a Little Rock Abrasion Tool
sol 164-166 25-Jun-2004 Edging Up on 'Pot-of-Gold'
sol 161-163 23-Jun-2004 'Pot-of-Gold' Revealed
sol 156-158 16-Jun-2004 Spirit Reaches the 'Columbia Hills!'
sol 152-155 15-Jun-2004 Are We There Yet?
sol 148-151 09-Jun-2004 Spirit Surpasses 3 Kilometer Mark!
sol 145-147 08-Jun-2004 Keep On Rovin'
sol 143-144 03-Jun-2004 Roving Toward the Hills
sol 140-142 02-Jun-2004 Back To Business
sol 136-139 02-Jun-2004 Spirit Recovers from a Low Probability Software Error
sol 134-135 27-May-2004 Taking Time to Trench
sol 131-133 20-May-2004 Spirit Gets an Unexpected Break
sol 127-130 17-May-2004 Spirit Roving Right Along
sol 124-126 12-May-2004 Spirit Speeds to 'Lead Foot'
sol 121-123 10-May-2004 Spirit Surpasses the One-Mile Mark!
sol 118-120 06-May-2004 'Columbia Hills' on the Horizon
sol 114-117 03-May-2004 Spirit explores the 'Big Hole' trench
sol 112-113 29-Apr-2004 A Drive and a Dig
sol 110-111 27-Apr-2004 Spirit Continues to Drive
sol 106 23-Apr-2004 A Little Science, a Lot of Driving
sol 102-104 19-Apr-2004 'Missoula Crater' in Sight
sol 100 15-Apr-2004 A Century of Sols on the Surface
sol 99 14-Apr-2004 Brushing Down Route 66
sol 98 13-Apr-2004 Refreshed and Ready to Rock and Rove
sol 94 09-Apr-2004 Spirit Stands Down for Flight Software Update
sol 93 08-Apr-2004 Last Sol for Spirit Science
sol 92 07-Apr-2004 Monitoring Magnets on Mars
sol 91 05-Apr-2004 Spirit Achieves Mission Success
sol 88 02-Apr-2004 Cruisin' Down the Crater Side
sol 87 02-Apr-2004 Bye-Bye 'Bonneville'
sol 86 31-Mar-2004 Brushing the Dust Off 'Missouri'
sol 85 30-Mar-2004 Looking Inside Mazatzal
sol 84 30-Mar-2004 Rat Bears Down on "Brooklyn"
sol 81 26-Mar-2004 Rats in "New York"
sol 80 25-Mar-2004 Open the Door
sol 79 24-Mar-2004 Sweep and Study the 'States'
sol 78 23-Mar-2004 Preparing to Grind at Mazatzal
sol 77 22-Mar-2004 One Step Closer
sol 74 19-Mar-2004 'Stub Toes' Won't Stop Spirit
sol 73 18-Mar-2004 A Close-Up of 'Serpent'
sol 72 17-Mar-2004 Spirit Digs with a Jig
sol 71 16-Mar-2004 Steering to 'Serpent'
sol 70 15-Mar-2004 Spirit's Busiest Day
sol 69 14-Mar-2004 New Panorama on Board
sol 68 13-Mar-2004 Spirit Sits Still for Science
sol 67 12-Mar-2004 Spirit is "On Top of the World"
sol 66 11-Mar-2004 Spirit is "Livin' on the Edge"
sol 65 10-Mar-2004 Roving Toward the Rim
sol 64 08-Mar-2004 Spirit Reaches the 300-Meter Mark!
sol 62 07-Mar-2004 Rolling Along
sol 61 06-Mar-2004 Leaving Middle Ground
sol 60 04-Mar-2004 Ready to Hit the Road Again
sol 59 03-Mar-2004 Rock Abrasion Tool Back in Action
sol 58 02-Mar-2004 Grinding, Take Two
sol 57 01-Mar-2004 Back to the Ol' Grind
sol 56 01-Mar-2004 Grooming for the Grind
sol 55 29-Feb-2004 Brush, Brush, Brush, Then Step Back
sol 54 27-Feb-2004 Heading To "Humphrey"
sol 53 26-Feb-2004 Eyeing Martian Dust Devils
sol 52 25-Feb-2004 Spirit Looks Back at Earth
sol 51 24-Feb-2004 Making Ground
sol 50 23-Feb-2004 Heading for Middle Ground
sol 49 22-Feb-2004 Trench Exam Continues
sol 48 21-Feb-2004 Down in the Trench
sol 47 20-Feb-2004 Spirit Digs a Trench
sol 46 19-Feb-2004 Halfway Through
sol 45 18-Feb-2004 Spirit Does a "Wheel Wiggle"
sol 44 17-Feb-2004 Spirit Passes 100-Meter Mark
sol 43 16-Feb-2004 Mega Drive
sol 42 15-Feb-2004 A Wayside Stop, Then Back to Driving
sol 41 14-Feb-2004 Spirit Gets the Drift
sol 40 13-Feb-2004 Movin' Towards "Mimi"
sol 39 12-Feb-2004 New driving record
sol 38 11-Feb-2004 It's Cold in the Shadow
sol 37 10-Feb-2004 Record-breaking Sol
sol 36 09-Feb-2004 Cruise Control on Mars
sol 35 08-Feb-2004 Rock Interior Inspected
sol 34 07-Feb-2004 First Human-made Hole in a Rock on Mars…EVER!
sol 33 05-Feb-2004 First Interplanetary Brushing of a Rock!
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