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M I S S I O N     M A N A G E R S   
Scott Lever, Mission manager Mike Seibert, Mission manager Al Herrera, Mission manager
Scott Lever Mike Seibert Al Herrera
P R E V I O U S    M I S S I O N    M A N A G E R S
Matt Keuneke, Mission Manager Cindy Oda, Mission Manager Rich Morris, Mission Manager Bill Nelson, Mission manager
Matt Keuneke Cindy Oda Richard Morris Bill Nelson
Byron Jones, Mission Manager Mark Adler, Mission Manager Leo Bister, Mission manager Beth Dewell, Mission Manager
Byron Jones Mark Adler Leo Bister Beth Dewell
Emily Eelkema, Mission Manager Jeff Favretto, Mission Manager Soina Ghandchi, Mission Manager Andy Mishkin, Mission Manager
Emily Eelkema Jeff Favretto Saina Ghandchi Andy Mishkin
Art Thompson, Mission Manager Rick Welch, Mission Manager Colette Lohr, Mission Manager Dan Gaines, Mission Manager
Art Thompson Rick Welch Colette Lohr Dan Gaines

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sol 695-702 29-Dec-2005 Spirit on 'Horseback'
sol 689-694 29-Dec-2005 Spirit Approaching 'Comanche'
sol 680-688 12-Dec-2005 Spirit Studying 'Algonquin'
sol 668-680 01-Dec-2005 Downhill Progress
sol 647-654 04-Nov-2005 Spirit Imaging "East Basin"
sol 655-659 11-Nov-2005 Spirit Coordinating with Hubble
sol 647-654 04-Nov-2005 Spirit Imaging "East Basin"
sol 641-646 04-Nov-2005 Spirit in "Kansas"
sol 634-640 21-Oct-2005 Spirit Begins Downhill Drive
sol 626-633 17-Oct-2005 Spirit Wiggles into a Sturdy Workspace
sol 620-626 10-Oct-2005 Spirit Preparing for Robotic Arm Work
sol 614-619 29-Sep-2005 Spirit Reaches True Summit
sol 606-613 23-Sep-2005 Looking over Tennessee Valley
sol 599-605 16-Sep-2005 Testing Command Communications
sol 591-598 09-Sep-2005 Moonstruck
sol 584-591 02-Sep-2005 Studying the Summit
sol 579-584 30-Aug-2005 On Top of the Hill
sol 572-578 19-Aug-2005 Onward and Upward
sol 565-571 16-Aug-2005 Spirit Continues to Climb
sol 559-565 09-Aug-2005 Spirit 100 Meters from the Top
sol 551-558 02-Aug-2005 Spirit Investigating 'Chic'
sol 546-551 25-Jul-2005 Spirit in Target-Rich Environment
sol 524-531 01-Jul-2005 Spirit Observes 'Independence'
sol 532-537 11-Jul-2005 Spirit Scuffs
sol 524-531 01-Jul-2005 Spirit Observes 'Independence'
sol 518-524 24-Jun-2005 On the Move
sol 511-517 17-Jun-2005 Scenic Stop
sol 504-510 13-Jun-2005 Browsing at 'Backstay'
sol 497-503 03-Jun-2005 Spirit Hits the 500-Sol Mark!
sol 490-498 27-May-2005 Spirit is Power Positive
sol 483-489 20-May-2005 Spirit Drives to 'Larry's Outcrop'
sol 477-482 17-May-2005 Spirit Observing 'Reef'
sol 471-476 11-May-2005 Spirit Checking Out Pittsburgh
sol 462-470 03-May-2005 Spirit Analyzing 'Keystone'
sol 456-462 21-Apr-2005 Spirit Drives to 'Methuselah'
sol 449-456 18-Apr-2005 Spirit Gets Through a Rough Week
sol 442-448 08-Apr-2005 Spirit Switchbacking Uphill
sol 436-441 04-Apr-2005 Spirit Slipping on New Terrain
sol 430-435 24-Mar-2005 Using Extra Energy to Head Uphill
sol 422-429 21-Mar-2005 Busy with the Robotic Arm
sol 416-421 14-Mar-2005 High Winds Make Spirit Full of Energy
sol 408-415 07-Mar-2005 Spirit Perched at 'Larry's Lookout'
sol 402-407 28-Feb-2005 Spirit Taking in 'Tennessee Valley'
sol 394-402 24-Feb-2005 Spirit's Intelligence Increasing
sol 388-393 15-Feb-2005 Spirit Braving the Dust on Mars
sol 381-388 07-Feb-2005 Spirit Encounters 'Alligator'
sol 374-380 02-Feb-2005 Spirit Productive with Peace Efforts
sol 367-373 24-Jan-2005 Spirit at 'Peace'
sol 360-366 14-Jan-2005 Spirit Close to the Crest
sol 353-359 11-Jan-2005 Spirit Continues Climbing 'Husband Hill'
sol 346-352 06-Jan-2005 Spirit Celebrates Year Anniversary on Mars
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