Panoramas: Spirit

View of Spirit's Climb from Six Months Earlier
View of Spirit's Climb from Six Months Earlier

This view from where Spirit stood on its 149th martian day (June 3, 2004) shows, on the hillside at the center of the image, the terrain that the rover is crossing six months later. The view is a mosaic of several frames taken with Spirit's panoramic camera.

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
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Spirit Journey Continues at 'Husband Hill'
Spirit Journey Continues at "Husband Hill"

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has left the "West Spur" of the "Columbia Hills" and crossed a flatter saddle to the main body of "Husband Hill." The rover's course from the 313th to 330th martian days, or sols, of its mission (Nov. 19 to Dec. 6, 2004) is indicated on a mosaic view made from images taken with Spirit's panoramic camera on sol 149 (June 3, 2004).

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/NMMNH
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