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This photo shows fifteen of the women engineers and scientists who work on the Mars Exploration Rover. They are standing behind or kneeling beside a precise replica of the rover in the mission control room.
Spirit: Women on the Mars Exploration Rover team

Kneeling, left to right:

  • Diana Blaney, deputy project scientist and miniature thermal emission spectrometer scientist;
  • Cindy Oda, mission manager;
  • Ashley Stroupe, rover planner;
  • Julie Townsend, rover planner;
  • Alicia Fallacaro Vaughan, tactical activity planner sequence integration engineer;
  • Manju Kapoor, telecommunication subsystem engineer.

Standing, left to right:

  • Jennifer Herman, power subsystem engineer;
  • Cindy Alarcon-Rivera, information technology engineer;
  • Brenda Franklin, hazard avoidance camera and navigation camera payload uplink lead;
  • Caroline Chouinard, tactical activity planner trainee;
  • Sharon Laubach, spacecraft engineering team lead;
  • Pauline Hwang, tactical uplink lead trainee;
  • Colette Lohr, tactical uplink lead;
  • Tara Estlin, rover planner trainee;
  • Dina ElDeeb, tactical downlink lead and systems engineer.

Remote participants not pictured:

  • Ling Su, telecommunication subsystem engineer;
  • Amy Knudson, payload uplink lead for the miniature thermal emission spectrometer;
  • Aileen Yingst, microscopic imager payload uplink lead;
  • Elaina McCartney, payload uplink lead for the panoramic camera;
  • Mariek Schmidt, alpha-particle X-ray spectrometer and Moessbauer spectrometer scientist;
  • Barbara Cohen, chair of the science operations working group;
  • Wendy Calvin, documentarian;
  • Emily Dean, keeper of the plan;
  • Joannah Metz, long-term planning lead;
  • Nicole Spanovich, opeations lead for atmospheric sciences;
  • Alian Wang, mineralogy and chemistry lead;
  • Kim Lichtenberg, physical properties scientist;
  • Zsarina Bulchand, mission data operations lead;
  • Amy Chen, image processing lead.
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