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25-May-2011 Spirit: A Job Well Exceeded
Read more about 'Spirit: A Job Well Exceeded'
Last night, just after midnight, the last recovery command was sent to Spirit. It would be an understatement to say that this was a significant moment.

06-May-2010 Mars Image Takes Earth Photo Event to a New World
Read more about 'Mars Image Takes Earth Photo Event to a New World'
When some Mars explorers learned of plans for a worldwide photography event combining shots taken from thousands of different locations on May 2, 2010, they figured, "Why just one world?"

03-May-2010 Retracing a Rover's Steps out of Victoria Crater
Read more about 'Mars Rover Sees Distant Crater Rims on Horizon'
This movie shows the wheel tracks left by the Opportunity rover as it climbed uphill out of Victoria crater.

30-April-2010 Mars Rover Sees Distant Crater Rims on Horizon
Read more about 'Mars Rover Sees Distant Crater Rims on Horizon'
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has captured a new view of the rim of Endeavour crater.

24-February-2010 Spirit's Journey to the Center of Mars
Read more about 'Spirit's Journey to the Center of Mars'
Mars rover Spirit has tenaciously swept, scraped, and squeezed secrets from the forbidding surface of Mars for 6 years. If Spirit can make it through to spring, the feisty robot will prove it's still in the game--by solving the mysteries of the Martian core.

22-February-2010 Roving to the Beat of Their Own Drum
Read more about 'Roving to the Beat of Their Own Drum'
While the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity do not carry a microphone, these audio excerpts represent the journeys the Mars rovers have made while driving across the plains, mountains and craters of Mars during the last six years.

17-February-2010 Last Chance to Enter Kids' Science Challenge!
Read more about 'Last Chance to Enter Kids' Science Challenge!'
Design a Sport for Mars and Win a Trip to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Kids Science Challenge, with support from NASA's Imagine Mars Project, is asking students in grades 3 through 6 to consider what sports might be played by members of the first martian community.

11-February-2010 Opportunity at a Sweet Spot on Mars
Read more about 'Opportunity at a Sweet Spot on Mars'
Guess who has a "sweet tooth?" The Opportunity rover on Mars, of course. The robotic geologist is poised and ready to "taste" a rock named "Chocolate Hills."

11-February-2010 Spirit Finishes Pre-Winter Drives
Read more about 'Spirit Finishes Pre-Winter Drives'
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit is now parked for the winter. The rover team is commanding Spirit this week to make additional preparations for the Mars southern hemisphere winter season.

01-February-2010 Opportunity Rover Rolls Past the 12-Mile Mark
Read more about 'Opportunity Rover Rolls Past the 12-Mile Mark'
Opportunity has clicked over the 12-mile mark of driving on Mars. That's 19.31 kilometers, and more than 32 times farther than the success goal for the mission when the rover landed six years ago.

26-January-2010 Curriculum Vitae- Spirit, Mars Exploration Rover A
Read more about 'Curriculum Vitae- Spirit, Mars Exploration Rover A'
Name: Spirit, Mars Exploration Rover A
Address: "Troy," 14.6 degrees South, 175.5 degrees East, Gusev Crater, Mars, 4th Rock from the Sun

20-January-2010 Spirit Switches to Backward Drives
Read more about 'Spirit Switches to Backward Drives'
The rover team has begun driving Spirit backward as next technique for attempting to extricate the rover from the sand trap where it is embedded.

13-January-2010 Just a Few More Approaches to Try for Extrication
Read more about 'Right-Front and Right-Rear Wheels Sit Out Latest Drive'
The list of remaining maneuvers being considered for extricating Spirit is becoming shorter.

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