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Technologies of Broad Benefit
In-situ Exploration and Sample Return
Entry, Descent, and Landing
Autonomous Planetary Mobility
Technologies for Severe Environments
Sample Return Technologies
Planetary Protection Technologies
Science Instruments
In-situ Exploration and Sample Return: Technologies for Severe Environments

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The ___ rover is stowed atop its lander - curled up tight and ready to be enclosed inside the petals.  Featured in this image are the fabric ramps that are whitish in color, embossed with a black, criss-cross pattern that allowed the cameras to determine the shape and height the ramps took after landing.

The ____ rover sits (in the stowed configuration) atop its lander which is enhanced by fabric ramps, whimsically referred to as "batwings." The ramps were conceived as a way of increasing the rovers' exit paths off of their landers.
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