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Dusty Rover Selfie

These two self-portraits show dust settling on the rover solar panels in January 2014 (left) and wiped clean by wind in late March 2014 (right). More dust equals less sun and reduced power for operations, so we like to see clean panels!

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read the article 'NASA Mars Rover Team's Tilted Winter Strategy Works'
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has passed the shortest-daylight weeks of the Martian year with its solar panels in clean condition for a potential dust-storm season in 2018.
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Feature 4/19/2017 NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Leaves 'Tribulation' ››
Press Release 3/28/2017 Mars Rover Leader Peter Theisinger to Receive National Trophy ››
Mars Exploration Rovers Videos
read the article 'Rover's-Eye View of Marathon on Mars'
Road trip! This compilation of images from hazard-avoidance cameras on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity between January 2004 and April 2015 shows the rover's-eye-view of the Martian marathon covering 26.2 miles(42.2 kilometers) from its landing location. A map of the rover's path is on the right.
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read the article 'The First Martian Marathon'
On Earth, a fast runner takes a few hours to complete a marathon. On Mars, it's taken 11 years. NASA's Opportunity rover crossed that finish line in 2015.
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read the article 'JPL Runners Celebrate Mars Marathon'
JPLers pounded the pavement in celebration of a Mars marathon milestone. Opportunity rover took 11 years and 2 months to clock 26.2 miles. The team's time was considerably less.
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read the article '11 Years and Counting: Opportunity on Mars'
View the many unique areas that the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity traveled during its 11 year historic journey.
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read the article 'Opportunity's Long Tracks on Crater Rim'
Overhead and on-the-ground views of the 25-mile journey NASA's Opportunity Mars rover has made since landing in 2004.
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read the article 'Opportunity: 10 Years on Mars - Operating a Rover'
See how Mars Exploration Rover team members take on the demands of driving a rover millions of miles away from Earth.
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read the article 'Opportunity: 10 Years on Mars - Science'
Find out how the Mars Exploration Rover team traversed the Red Planet, examined the diverse environment and transformed our understanding of Mars.
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read the article '10 Years on Mars: How Spirit & Opportunity Affected Our Lives'
Some of the team members from NASA's Mars Exploration Rover project were still in college -- or even high school -- when the rovers landed in 2004. Hear their stories of becoming part of this remarkably long-lived and successful mission.
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read the article 'Opportunity on Mars: Eight years and counting'
NASA's Opportunity rover celebrates 8th anniversary on Mars.
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read the article 'Rovers Eye View of Three-Year Trek on Mars'
During the three-year trek of NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater, rover planners captured a horizon photograph at the end of each drive. 309 images taken during the 13-mile journey appear in this video.
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read the article 'Mars Exploration Rover Mission Animation'
This artist's concept animation depicts key events in NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, including launch; cruise; entry, descent & landing; egress; and, surface operations.
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read the article 'Challenges of Getting to Mars: Entry, Descent, and Landing'
Navigators must safely maneuver Spirit and Opportunity to their precise atmospheric entry points to reach their landing targets on the surface of Mars. In only six minutes, the spacecraft must slow down from an incredible speed of 12,000 mph to nearly zero. In this three-part episode of "The Challenges of Getting to Mars," spacecraft engineers give a play-by-play of the Entry, Decent, and Landing mission phase that they refer to as their nailbiting "Six Minutes of Terror."
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read the article 'Challenges of Getting to Mars: Navigation'
Navigators may know best that "life is all about the journey." For seven grueling months, the navigators for Spirit and Opportunity have been analyzing millions of lines of data and fine-tuning the course to Mars. Learn more about the Challenges of Getting to Mars from the team who is getting us there. Special thanks to the La Cañada High School Football Team
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read the article 'Challenges of Getting to Mars: Two Launches: Spirit and Opportunity'
The first episode documents the hurdles leading up to both launches. From Mother Nature being uncooperative to a problem with the cork insulation on the rocket, lift-off was no small feat. Ultimately the rover team rejoiced as their twins left the nest and headed for Mars.
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