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The following members of the Mars Global Surveyor development team were presented with NASA honor awards for their contributions to NASA’s deep space exploration in ceremonies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Tuesday, June 30, 1998:


Public Service Medal
Claude W. "Bud" Mc Anally III
Jeffry F. Sincell


Exceptional Service Medal
William N. Epping
Robert C. Kinkade
Wayne J. Lee
Gail K. Robinson


Exceptional Achievement Medal
Joseph G. Beerer
Robert N. Brooks
Robert L. Bunker
Stanley Butman
George T. Chen
Kevin P. Clark
Saterios S. Dallas
Pasquale B. Esposito
Fred J. Hammer
Martin Daniel Johnston
Carl Kloss, Jr.
William H. Mateer II
Jitendra S. Mehta
George D. Pace, Jr.
Dennis L. Potts
Wayne P. Sidney
Peter C. Theisinger
Thomas E. Thorpe
Charles W. Whetsel


Outstanding Leadership Medal
Glenn E. Cunningham

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