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Key Mars Global Surveyor Team Members

Thomas Thorpe
Arden Albee

Thomas E. Thorpe
Mars Surveyor Operations Project Manager
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Thomas (Tom) E. Thorpe is the Mars Surveyor Operations Project Manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is responsible for the flight operations of all science Investigators and the facilities necessary to conduct instrument operation, data acquisition, telemetry processing and science data analysis and archiving to achieve the science objectives for the Mars Surveyor series of missions. He was formerly the Science Systems Manager for the Mars Global Surveyor payload development and Science Office Manager of the Mars Observer Project.

Thorpe joined JPL in 1969 as an Experiment Representative for the Mariner 9 camera experiment and has worked on a variety of spacecraft missions including the 1976 Viking (Orbiter Camera representative and Guest Investigator), Galileo (deputy science manager) and Uylsses (science manager and deputy project scientist) Missions.

Born in Duluth, Minnesota on January 19, 1945, Thorpe grew up in North Hollywood, California and earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1966 and Masters of Arts (1967) in Astronomy from the University of California at Los Angeles. Following college he worked at Eastman Kodak on Lunar Orbiter imaging and has taught astronomy at Glendale Community College in the extended day program since 1970.

He has published over 30 papers in the science literature concerning Mars science on topics such as the Mars photometric function, opposition effects, global dust storm expansions.

Thorpe is married with two children in college and lives in Sylmar, California.


Arden L. Albee
Mars Surveyor Operations Project Scientist
Jet Propulsion Laboratory


BA Harvard College, 1950
MA Harvard University, 1951
PhD Harvard University, 1957

Arden L. Albee has served as Project Scientist for the Mars Observer and Mars Global Surveyor Missions since 1984.

(1984 --) Professor of Geology and Planetary Science and Dean of Graduate Studies, California Institute of Technology

(1978-1984) Chief Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Professor of Geology, California Institute of Technology

(1959- -) Professor of Geology, California Institute of Technology Petrologic, microprobe, and isotopic investigations of metamorphic rocks; Elemental partition between coexistent rock-forming minerals; Petrogenetic grids for metamorphic processes; Improvements in electron microprobe analysis; Investigator of returned lunar samples. Consultant, geologic site selection and probability of surface faulting. Regional geologic mapping, Panamint Range, California. Field investigations, Vermont and Greenland. Advanced planning for planetary exploration. Development of dust analyzer for comet rendezvous mission. More than 200 publications.

(1950-1959) Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey Regional geologic mapping and investigation of mineral resources --Vermont, Colorado, and Maine

Professional Societies and Registration:
Harvard National Fellow (1946-1950); Phi Beta Kappa (1950); Sigma Xi (1950); National Science Foundation Fellow (1954-55) Geological Society of America (Chair of Planetary Geology Division, 1988; Council 1989-92; Executive Committee, 1992, Finance Committee, 1994--); Mineralogic Society of America (Council 1978-80); Microbeam Analysis Society; American Geological Institute (Board of Governors, 1978-80); Registered Geologist No. 2742, State of California; Geochemical Society (Council 1982-1985); American Geophysical Union; Distinguished Lecturer, AIAA (1981-82); Div. Planetary Science, American Astronomical Society

Associate Editor, Bulletin of the Geologic Society of America (1970- 89); Chair of Publications Committee (1990-92); Associate Editor, American Mineralogist (1972-1976); Co-editor, "Luna 20 -- A study of samples from the Lunar Highlands returned by the unmanned Luna 20 spacecraft, Geochem. Cosmochim. Acta' special issue (1973); Associate Editor, Proceedings of 5th Lunar Science Conference; Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research (1977-1982); Associate Editor (Book Series), Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences (1979--)

Educational Service:
Executive & Steering Committee, AAU/AGS Project for Research on Doctoral Education (1993-97); Executive Committee, Assoc. Graduate Schools (1994-97); Graduate Record Exam Board (1995- -); TOEFL Policy Council (1995--)

NASA Service:
Chairman, Lunar Science Review Panel (1972-1977); Member, Lunar Planning Committee (1973-1975); Member, Terrestrial Bodies Science Working Group (1976-1977); Member, Physical Science Committee (1976-1977); Member, Space Science Advisory Committee (1978-1980); Recipient, NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement (1976); Member, Mars '84 Science Working Group (1977-1978); Chairman, Mars Science Working Group (1978-1979); Chairman, Mars Science Steering Group (1978-1979); Leader Mars Study Program (1978-1980); Chief Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1978-1984); Member Solar System Exploration Committee (1980-1986); Member Solar System Exploration Management Council (1983-88); Project Scientist, Mars Observer and Mars Global Surveyor Missions (1984- -); Member Task Group on Planetary and Lunar Exploration; National Academy Sciences (1984-1986); Member, Mars Rover/Sample Return Science Working Group (1987- 94); Member, USA-USSR Joint Working Group on Solar System Exploration to carry out Treaty Requirements.(1987-); Member, Formal Review Board for Craf-Casinni Project (1991-); Member Mars Exploration Committee (1994-); Member, Formal Review Board for Mars Surveyor Program (1995-); Member, Formal Review Board for Stardust Mission (1960-)

Boy Scouts of America, Scoutmaster; Girl Scouts of America, Council member and Treasurer; Trinity Presbyterian Church: Committees, Trustee, Treasurer; Westminister Presbyterian Church: Committees, Ruling Elder, Treasurer, President; United Way Campaign Campus Chair; Volunteer for Friends-In-Deed; Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Board of Regents; (1989- 98); Executive Committee, Pension Board (1991-98); Chair of House Committee, The Athenaeum (1986--); Acting Manager (1994-95) Pasadena Unified School District, Citizens' Oversight Committee for Measure Y, Member 1997-

Born - May 28, 1928, Port Huron, Michigan.
Married - eight children, eleven grandchildren

Graduate Office - Mail Stop 02-31
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125
FAX 626-577-9246

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