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MGS Aerobraking Control Center

msa-key.gif marsroom-key.gif

1. Teleconferencing Speaker Phone
2. Aerobraking Projection Computer
3. Command & Telemetry Reference Materials
4. Aerobraking Monitor Display
5. Computer RGB Color Projector
6. Location of Web Camera #1
7. Spacecraft Orientation Monitor
8. Web Camera #1 Computer
9. Display Switch Box
10. M1 Clock linked to Atomic Clock at U.S. Naval Observatory
11. Presentation Computer
12. Overhead Projector
13. Voice Network - Communications to Spacecraft Team in Denver
and the tracking stations of the Deep Space Network
14. Location of Web Camera #2
15. Aerobraking Performance Charts

Much of the information shown in the Aerobraking Control Center is visable on the Internet. If you view the Spacecraft Orientation Monitor you will see that the same information is displayed in the control center at location #7. Information about the current orbit is shown on the Aerobraking Monitor Display at location #4.