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    G1: How much does the mission cost?
    G2: What ever happened to Mars Observer?
    G3: Will we photograph the "Face on Mars"?

    F1: How long will the mission last?
    F2: How long does it take to reach Mars?
    F3: How often will Surveyor circle Mars?
    F4: Why does it take so long to get data back from Mars?
    F5: Will Surveyor ever return to Earth?

    M1: What are the highest and lowest elevations on Mars?
    M2: How long is a day and year on Mars?
    M3: What is the strength of the Martian gravity?

    S1: What is the Surveyor spacecraft made of?
    S2: What are the dimensions of Surveyor?
    S3: How long did it take to build Surveyor?
    S4: How fast does Surveyor transmit data to Earth?
    S5: What happened to Surveyor's solar panel?