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Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Celebrates 8 Years At Mars! - a full set of images and animations.
We have found one location where a new gully formed on a dune in an unnamed crater in the Hellespontus region of Mars. New Gullies on Martian Sand Dune - 09/20/2005
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Two MOC images, one from 14 November 2003, the other from 4 December 2004, showing boulder tracks on crater wall; the December 2004 image shows that more than a dozen new tracks formed within the previous year. Rolling Stones Make New Boulder Tracks - 09/20/2005
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Three views, one from Viking 2 orbiter on 28 September 1976, one from MGS MOC on 5 October 1999, and one from MGS MOC on 11 January 2005; the 1999 and 2005 views show the small, fresh crater that may have formed in the 1980s. Recently-Formed Impact Crater - 09/20/2005
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Mars Orbiter Camera image mosaic of fossil delta in Eberswalde Crater, formerly 'Holden NE Crater' on Mars. Eberswalde Delta in High Resolution - 09/20/2005
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Left: Arsia Mons spiral cloud in 2001 at Ls 180 Repeated Clouds over Arsia Mons - 09/20/2005
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View of the south polar scarps from 1999 to 2005. Four Mars Years of South Polar Changes - 09/20/2005
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Mosaic of two MOC cPROTO images showing details on a scarp near the head of Chasma Boreale. Scarp at Head of Chasma Boreale - 09/20/2005
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This collage of four images (two on top and two on bottom) shows the same north polar region of Mars, each with nearly the exact size and white coloring of the north pole ice cap and a white wispy, circular cloud to the right of each ice cap. Underneath the white ice caps and clouds, the surface of each image is light brown, and each image has wording beneath the image as a caption to denote what day and year and where the image was taken. The dates are April 1999, March 2001, January 2003, and November 2004. The images basically look identical, except the first image looks like it has been blurred, and the last image is slightly duller in color. Happy 8th Birthday, MGS - 09/12/2005
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