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Photo Album of MGS Spacecraft

Assembly, Testing, Arrival and Launch Operations


The pages listed below contain pictures of the MGS spacecraft as it has been built up from its component pieces, been tested, moved to the Cape from Denver and some of the final preparations for launch. The collections are listed in chronological order.

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The spacecraft finally arrives at the Cape! Follow this link to see the first pictures of MGS in Florida (Linked page contains this image and 5 related images)


After arrival at the Cape, the spacecraft is prepared for final system tests, installation of the solar arrays and flight thermal blankets, and made ready for prop loading and integration on to the third stage. Here are a few pictures of those operations (Linked page contains this image and 3 related images).


In parallel with the spacecraft preparations in the PHSF (the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility, where we load our own rocket fuel), the Delta II launch vehicle is being assembled at LC-17A, a.k.a. "The Pad" (Linked page contains this image and 6 related images).