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MGS S/C Build-Up Pictures

The following pictures were taken recently in Denver at Lockheed-Martin, and show the build-up of the spacecraft from the different modules. It's finally starting to look like a spacecraft! Click on the small pictures to view a full-color JPEG image.


The Equipment Module has been folded up. This view shows, from L to R, an RWA, the power supply electronics, the XSU, the MOTS and the SCU. The empty space in the foreground will be used up by the oxidizer tank.(31k JPEG)


Components on the right-hand panel in this picture include the SCU, the EDF below it, the CIX and the two SCP computers on the right.(34k JPEG)


The Nadir Equipment Deck containing the science instruments is carefully mated to the top of the equipment module. (22k JPEG - P47931Ac)


The Propulsion components have been installed on the Prop Module structure. The red boxes are covers over the thruster assemblies. The large tank on the right is a hydrazine tank. (22k JPEG)


Another view of the Prop Module showing one of the two hydrazine tanks. (24k JPEG)


The opposite side of the PM showing the other hydrazine tank (L) and the helium pressurant tank (R). (22k JPEG)


Finally, the EM with its electronics and the science instruments is mated to the Prop Module.(19k JPEG)


Another scene of the careful mating of the two modules. The cylinder with the insignia on the left is the cover over the MOC, while the white object on the right is the MBR antenna.(19k JPEG)


The stack! Nearly a complete spacecraft. -Y side.(36k JPEG)


+X view of the spacecraft. It awaits installation of the batteries, solar arrays, HGA and thermal blankets. (36k JPEG)


+Y view of the spacecraft.. (36k JPEG - P47931Bc)


Here is the HGA assembly in a handling fixture. View is of the back of the HGA. The box containing the travelling wave amplifier tubes can be seen on the left. (43k JPEG)


-X view of the spacecraft.(40k JPEG - P47930Ac)


Here is the nearly complete S/C - the white panels on the left and the right are the solar array yokes which will hold the solar array panels. (35k JPEG - P47929Bc)

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