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Delta II Assembly at the Launch Pad

These pictures show some of the steps taken to assemble or "stack" the Delta II Launch vehicle. The first stage is erected, the solid rocket motors are installed, the second stage stacked on the first stage, and the payload fairings are readied. The third stage will be fitted to the spacecraft in the PHSF, then that assembly will be brought to the launch pad and installed on the second stage.

Click on the small pictures to view a full-color JPEG image.


Delta first stage being erected. (46k JPEG - P47933Ac)


The Delta second stage being hoisted up for installation on the first stage. (45K JPEG)


Upright Delta first stage ready for addition of solid rocket boosters. (66k JPEG - P47933Bc)


The second stage being positioned on top of the first stage. (36K JPEG)


Delta first stage with 3 of the nine solid rockets attached (21K JPEG)


Half of the payload fairing arrives at LC17A .(45K JPEG)


A view of the first stage and 4 of the 9 SRMs at Launch Complex 17A. (22K JPEG)

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