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MGS Component Assembly Pictures

The following pictures were taken recently in Denver at Lockheed-Martin, and show various MGS spacecraft components in the assembly and test process. Click on the small pictures to view a full-color JPEG image.


This is the Equipment Module in its unfolded state. Once the subsystems are tested, it will fold up into a box, and sit on top of the propulsion module.(64k JPEG - P47924Ac)


The composite structure propulsion module will house the engines and fuel tanks. The tanks, engines and fuel lines are being installed currently.(48k JPEG)


The nadir panel in the process of being built up. Most science instruments will be mounted on the nadir panel, which is mounted to the top of the equipment module. (64k JPEG)


The High Gain Antenna has been tested in the antenna range and meets or exceeds all gain and directivity requirements. (48k JPEG)


The Low Gain antennas will mount in various locations on the spacecraft to provide alternate radio coverage. (64k JPEG)


The Traveling Wave Amplifier Tubes in this enclosure will be mounted to the HGA dish.(48k JPEG - P47932Ac)


Twelve 4.5-newton thrusters will provide for spacecraft attitude control about all axes. (64k JPEG)


The Propellant Management Device is installed inside each prop tank. (32k JPEG)

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