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MGS Assembly and Test Photo Gallery

The pages listed below contain pictures of the MGS spacecraft as it has been built up from its component pieces.

The MGS Component Assembly page shows the various subassemblies, parts and panels that form the foundation of the spacecraft.

Next we assemble these components into the propulsion and electronics equipment modules, and when those are brought together we finally have a spacecraft! This is shown in the S/C Build-Up Pictures.

Once the nearly complete spacecraft (missing a couple of science instruments at this point) has had its electronics thoroughly tested, it's ready for environmental testing. During this phase, it is subjected to simulations of the harsh launch environment, and readied for a two week trial in a large vacuum chamber that will simulate the conditions in space. But first the spacecraft has to move from the assembly area to the building which contains the environmental test facilities. The Spacecraft Move Picturesmay not look scary to you, but we all sure held our breaths!

Coming soon: Environmental tests, move to the Cape, integration on to the Delta and Launch!

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