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MGS S/C Move Preparation Pictures

These pictures were taken in Denver in the Lockheed-Martin "high bay", and show the preparations for moving the spacecraft to the environmental test facility. The spacecraft is moved inside a specially built shipping container (used for the Topex satellite) which is on a flat-bed truck with an air-cushion suspension system to protect the spacecraft from damage on the road.

In several of these pictures, the Cassini propulsion module can be seen in the background.

Click on the small pictures to view a full-color JPEG image.


The high bay - MGS on the right, the flat-bed and Topex shipping container in the middle, the Cassini prop module in the background on the left. (32k JPEG)


The spacecraft has been lifted and moved toward the container. (34k JPEG)


To prepare for moving, the spacecraft is carefully covered to protect it from dust abd other contamination. (29k JPEG)


Another view. The Cassini propulsion module is the tall structure with the silver tank in the background. (34k JPEG)


Engineers begin to attach the lifting cables. Onlookers may be seen above in the viewing gallery. (36k JPEG)


Nearing the shipping container. (33k JPEG)


More cables are attached. The shipping container is the large white box in the background. (34k JPEG)


Hoisted up to clear the top of the container. (31k JPEG)


A long shot showing the S/C, the flat-bed and shipping container, with the Cassini propulsion module on the left. (29k JPEG)


Here the spacecraft is being lowered into the shipping container.(24k JPEG)


This provides a good view of the main engine and the ring that will attach to the launch vehicle. (29k JPEG


Here the spacecraft is in the shipping container, ready to be closed up and transported across the street. (35k JPEG)

From here, the spacecraft was transported, and commenced environmental testing.

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