MOC instrument

MGS Science Sampler: MOC Data

Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) data products on this volume are nine Narrow Angle Camera images selected from orbits between 13 and 100; i.e., some images are from outside the Assessment Orbits range of 19-36. The images are in GIF format with detached PDS labels, and they have had some cosmetic corrections applied (see VOLINFO for description). As the images are large, reduced-size versions have also been included for browsing. To assist in locating the images on the planet, "finder frames" have been provided; these are Viking Orbiter MDIMs showing the outlines of the MOC images in the context of the larger area. The locations of the MOC images are also shown on the Mercator and South Polar Stereographic orbit ground track maps below. (Note: MOC image files are named according to the form NAnnnnxx, where nnnn is the orbit number and xx is the image number within the orbit.)


Image Data

Orbit 13, Image 3 Orbit 30, Image 1 Orbit 31, Image 4 Orbit 35, Image 6 Orbit 73, Image 6
Orbit 77, Image 9 Orbit 79, Image 8 Orbit 84, Image 5 Orbit 100, Image 4

MOC Image Locator Maps

Click on an image location on the maps below to see the MOC image data.

Mercator Projection [Full Resolution] [PDS Label]

moc/na10004b.htm moc/na03001b.htm moc/na08405b.htm moc/na03506b.htm moc/na01303b.htm moc/na03104b.htm Click on an image location to see the data

South Polar Stereographic Projection [Full Resolution] [PDS Label]

moc/na07709b.htm moc/na07306b.htm moc/na07908b.htm Click on an image location to see the data