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15 December 1997, 12:00:00 PST

New - Detailed History of Orbital Parameters

Surveyor was launched on 7 November 1996 at 12:00:50 EST. The spaecraft is currently in an orbit around Mars. Currently, radio signals sent from Surveyor take 17 minutes, 19 seconds to reach Earth.

Distance from Earth 311.66 million kilometers
Earth Relative Velocity 49.45 km per second
Declination -21.74 degrees
Right Ascention 300.50 degrees
Distance from Sun 207.20 million kilometers
Sun Relative Velocity 26.44 km per second


Capture Orbit Information
The following table contains osculating orbital elements as measured at the first apoapsis (high point of the orbit) after Mars orbit insertion.

9/12/97 23:58:53.4 UTC (JD 2450704.499229)

Coordinate Frame
Mars Mean Equator of Date (plane)
IAU Vector of Epoch J2000 (X-axis)

Semi-major Axis 30531.953 km
Period 44.9928 hours
Eccentricity 0.880473
True Anomaly 180 deg.
Mean Anomaly 180 deg.
Long. Ascn. Node -40.506 deg.
Arg. of Pericenter 148.568 deg.
Inclination 93.259 deg.
Apopasis Radius 57414.5 km
Apoapsis Velocity 0.298599 km/s
Periapsis Radius 3651.4 km
Periapsis Velocity 4.696989 km/s

Related Quantities
The following parameters are relevant to the generation of the orbital elements listed above.

GM Mars 42828.314 km^3/s^2
GM Sun 132712440018 km^3/s^2
Mars Equatorial Radius 3394.5 x 3399.2 km
Mars Polar Radius 3376.1 km