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Key To Chart

AB2 Aerobraking Phase II
ABX Final Aerobraking Maneuver
CSA BU Mode used with STAREX enabled Celestial Sensor Assembly Backup Mode used with star tracking enabled
DSN Deep Space Network
DNS Passes Per Day Number of times per day that the Deep Space Network makes contact with the spacecraft
FIXED HGA High Gain Antenna in Fixed Position
FF CAL Focusing Calibration of MOC Camera
Frozen Mapping Orbit Inclination and Argument of Periapsis of Sun Synchronous Orbit is Constant
Gravity Cal Gravity Calibration
HGA High Gain Antenna
HGA Deploy Deployment of High Gain Antenna
MAG MGS Magnetometer
Mapping Cals Mapping Calibration
Mapping Phase Mapping the Surface of Mars
Mapping Cals Mapping Calibration
MOC Mars Orbiter Camera
MOC Absolute & Focus Cals Calibration of MOC camera by pointing at a fixed object and focusing.
MOC Scattered Light & Focus Cals Pointing MOC Camera indirectly at a light source and focusing using the scattered light entering the camera
Sequence Boundaries Boundaries between sequences that control the spacecraft
TES MGS Thermal Emission Spectrometer Project ( ASU )
TMO Transition to Mapping Orbit