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Launch: Viewing the Launch over the Internet

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission launch was carried live on NASA TV. Digital NASA Television, carried by MPEG-2 signal, could be accessed in the continental United States on AMC-6, at 72 degrees west longitude, Transponder 17C, 4040 MHz, vertical polarization. If you lived in Alaska or Hawaii, NASA TV could be seen on AMC-7, at 137 degrees west longitude, Transponder 18C, at 4060 MHz, vertical polarization, audio at 6.8 MHz in analog through NASA's Space Shuttle Return to Flight mission.
In this image, against a bright blue sky strewn with wispy white clouds, a white and gold Lockheed Martin-built Atlas V rocket takes off from its launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Yellow fire escapes from the bottom of the rocket and clouds of smoke billow on the left of the image. To the left of the rocket is a lightning suppression tower, a tall, steel, ladderlike structure.
A Lockheed Martin-built Atlas 5 rocket, like the one pictured, launched the Mars
Credit: Lockheed Martin
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In addition, online news organizations, such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox Online and SPACE.com, may carry some launch and mission coverage. This is just a partial list of non-NASA sites that may carry the NASA Television signal on the Web from time to time.

This list is provided solely as a service to Internet users. NASA cannot warranty the availability of the service or the accuracy of the information on non-NASA Internet sites.