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MSIP: Steps To Mars
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Welcome to the Mars Student Imaging Project!

We're glad to have you as real Mars explorers, and look forward to your discoveries and research results!

Helpful Resources for All of Your Research Stages

In learning about Mars in support of your research, here are some handy resources.

Ask Dr. C
Have a question about Mars? Use this fun computer tool to get quick answers.

Mars By Topic
View images of Mars taken by the camera you will use, the THEMIS camera on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter. They are arranged by topic such as canyons, craters, and polar ice caps to make it easy to browse.

JMARS Software
JMars is a software tool that allows you to study Mars and, once you have developed your research question, target the THEMIS camera on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter.

Red Planet Report
Follow this blog to learn about Mars, Mars missions, and more.

Student Final Report Samples
See what discoveries other student teams have made!