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School Name Grade Level Date Final Report
Gateway Early College HS 2012 Common crater types in similar regions
St. Simon and Jude 8th 2011 Which Tharsis volcano is oldest
St. John Bosco Girls 8th 2011 Elevation and type of crater
Supai MS 7th 2011 Relative ages of Mars volcanoes
Bradley Central HS P4 HS Fall 2012 Craters and cracks
Bradley Central HS P2 HS Fall 2012 Crater width and ejecta blanket
Bradley Central HS P3 HS Fall 2012 Width and depth of impact craters
St. John Bosco 8th 2012 Crater diameter and windsteak length
Waubonsie Valley HS 11th Fall 2012 Ice caps and crater rock strata
Burk Elementary 5th 2011 Characteristics of relative age craters
Upper Darby HS P7 HS 2012 Crater Diameter and Age
College Heights Christian HS 11th 2012 Degradation rate of preserved craters