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MSIP: Steps To Mars
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Choose a format that works for you! After reviewing the options, don't worry if you don't know which format you want. Feel free to express your interest, and we'll work with you to figure out the best option.

Onsite at ASU Onsite at ASU Onsite at ASU
Curriculum Formats
Authentic, inquiry-based, standards-aligned science activities. Onsite Distance Learning Independent Research
Location & Connections
At your school. x x x
2 Days at at the Mars SpaceFlight Facility on the campus of Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.  x    
Connections to MSIP staff via internet, video, and/or teleconferences.   x  
Student-Led Process
Develop a Proposal to conduct authentic research about Mars. x x x
For research, use real NASA computer tools to collect data. x x x
For research, acquire a team-targeted Mars image using a camera on a Mars orbiter. x x  
For research, use online archived data.     x
Complete an MSIP final report or presentation as a comprehensive culminating requirement, similar to publishing an authentic scientific paper or journal. x x x
Peer Review and Publications
Compile data and present findings to staff at the Mars Space Flight Facility onsite: check onsite x    
Compile data and present findings to staff at the Mars Space Flight Facility using teleconferencing capabilities: check distance   x  
Post findings on the MSIP Team Results web pages. x x x
Potentially present in nationwide professional conferences with access to Mars experts and other student research groups. x x x