MISSION UPDATES | June 26, 2020

Sols 2805-2809: Pit Stop for Curiosity

Written by Catherine O'Connell-Cooper, Planetary Geologist at University of New Brunswick
Bloodstone Hill on Mars

Front hazard (FHAZ) image from our current workspace, looking back up towards "Bloodstone Hill." Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Download image ›​

We drove in our last plan, about 15 metres, ending up with some bedrock and sand in our workspace. Normally, Fridays are our busiest day in the geology theme group (GEO). We choose targets for contact science, with lots of back and forth between all the geochemistry, camera and engineering teams, to pick the best ones, while the environment theme group (ENV) plans a range of environmental activities.

Not this weekend though! Curiosity is taking some time to do routine software updates, so the next couple of plans will be concentrating on those, leaving not much room for anything else. ENV have planned REMS and RAD environmental monitoring activities, part of their ongoing daily activities.

We will still be here next week, and we’ll pick up our contact science at that point, in time for the July 4th U.S. holiday.