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The LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
 Instrument and The Mars Microphone Teams

The Mars Microphone LIDAR and Microphone Team



The Space Research Institute, Russian Academy 
of Sciences
• Dr. Slava Linkin, Principal Investigator
• Mr. Sasha Lipatov, engineer
• Irina Rodnova, scientist
• Dr. Sergey Pershin, scientist

Left to right: Janet Luhman, Lou Friedman, and Kevin Polk.

The Mars Microphone 

The Planetary Society
• Dr. Louis Friedman, Executive Director
• Kevin Polk, Science and Technology Coordinator

The University of California, Berkeley, 
Space Sciences Laboratory

• Dr. Janet Luhmann, Research Physicist
• Mr. Henry Primbsch, Senior Engineer
• Dr. Greg Delory, Postdoctoral Research Associate
• Professor Forrest Mozer, Physicist
• Mr. David Curtis, Software Engineer
• Marsha Colby, Sr. Electronics Technician

The Planetary Society's
A Celebration of Planetary Exploration

IKI, Russia's Space Research Institute

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