Mars Climate Orbiter Telemetry

New data is updated on the main WWW site at JPL once per minute during the periods of time when the spacecraft signal is being tracked.

To determine if we are currently tracking the spacecraft, check the "Ground Station Status" to see if most of the components are currently "IN LOCK" on telemetry. The "Earth Received Time" or ERT of the data is displayed in the upper right hand corner of most windows.

We recommend that you refer to the Key to Real Time Telemetry Status Pages before attempting to decipher the status pages. We also recommend that you make a print out of the Key for easy reference.

avionics.html uplink.html aacs.html telecom.html avionics.html propulsion.html propulsion.html avionics.html power.html power.html orbiterconfig_m.gif

Click on image or table, below, to see recent telemetry from Mars Surveyor 98 Orbiter

Recent Telemetry from the MSP 98 Orbiter