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Mars Climate Orbiter 1/24 Scale Model

We Invite You To Build Your Own Mars Orbiter Spacecraft Model

First, browse the assembly instructions (PDF file). Then, if you decide to tackle the project, you can download the four parts sheets (PDF file) to print, cut out, and glue together.

You'll need a printer, some card stock, and a few other items listed in the assembly instructions. The parts sheets are available as PDF files, which can be read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader on just about any kind of computer. You may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe free of charge.

This detailed scale model is a construction project which is probably not appropriate for people younger than about ten years of age, depending on skill and motivation. Children should have adult supervision to assemble the model. Assembly will require at least 5 hours of time and great care. Once you assemble the model, we guarantee you'll know the Mars orbiter spacecraft very well indeed!

The Mars Surveyor spacecraft was designed and manufactured at Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver, Colorado.

Model design completed by Greg Bollendonk, Mars Surveyor Program, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver, Colorado (an after-hours project).

Copyright (C) 1998 Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. All rights reserved. Permission for commercial reproduction other than for single-school in-classroom use must be obtained from JPL Commercial Programs Office.

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