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July 10, 1998

John McNamee
Mars Surveyor 98 Project Manager

Orbiter integration and test activities are proceeding on schedule. The root cause of the damaged bearing in the Pressure Modulator InfraRed Radiometer (PMIRR) instrument optical chopper assembly has been traced to an out-of-spec housing. Repair and requalification efforts are in process. Chopper reinstallation on PMIRR is scheduled for July 27.

The Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA) flight instrument and the repaired flight meteorology mast were installed on the lander on July 6-7 and functional tests were accomplished successfully. This completes the lander flight science payload delivery. Landed thermal balance testing is on schedule for July 19.

Assessment of the damaged Medium Gain Antenna (MGA) at Boeing indicates that the MGA can be repaired with no loss of performance. Delivery of the repaired MGA to Lockheed Martin is scheduled for August 5.

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