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September 22, 1998

John McNamee
Mars Surveyor 98 Project Manager

Mars Climate Orbiter (In Spacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility (SAEF-2) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC)):

The orbiter system aliveness test (first power on at KSC) was completed except for a portion involving the star camera (will be picked up on Thursday). Training and procedure development in preparation for orbiter fueling activities are in process.

The near term schedule is as follows:

Sep 23-24 RCS REM Functional and Flow Check
Sep 25    Pressurize Helium Tank
Sep 27-28 Load Hydrazine
Sep 28-29 Launch/Init ORT Tabletop
Sep 29-30 Load Oxidizer

Mars Polar Lander (in Denver, Colorado):

The lander PDDU and C&DH boxes were removed from the lander and the boxes were opened for inspection for cracked diodes and excess conformal coating. Preparations continue for the shipment of the lander to KSC on Oct 1. A formal commitment from the Air Force for the C-17 aircraft required to transport the lander on Oct 1 has not been received yet.

The near term schedule is as follows:

Sep 23    Inspect PDDU and C&DH for cracked diodes
Sep 24-25 DST #2 performance checkout
Sep 24-26 Lander packing and shipping preps
Sep 25-26 Ship lander EGSE
Sep 24-Oct 2 Prep, Pack, Ship lander MGSE
Sep 28-Oct 9 Set up and checkout EGSE at KSC
Sep 28    Set up lander clean room tent in SAEF-2
Sep 30    Transport lander to Buckley AFB and load onto C-19
Oct 01    Lander arrives at KSC ~3:00 am

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