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October 23, 1998

John McNamee
Mars Surveyor 98 Project Manager

Mars Climate Orbiter:

Orbiter launch processing activities are proceeding on schedule in the Spacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility (SAEF-2) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) with launch 48 days away. The flight Pyro Initiation Unit (PIU) was removed from the orbiter and inspected for cracked glass body diodes and excessive conformal coating. 19 cracked diodes and 180 conformal coating defects were observed and rework activities are in process with reinstallation on the orbiter planned for October 28. An electrical test unit was installed in place of the flight PIU to allow the mission system test program to proceed without interruption.

Mission system testing of the mapping phase was repeated successfully. Flight software build 8.1 was delivered and is in the process of being loaded on the vehicle to support mission system testing of the launch and initialization phase. Build 8.1 is the final planned software delivery and contains all functionality and fault protection required to conduct the entire orbiter mission.

A full rehearsal of the orbiter countdown was conducted from vehicle power up and health check at Launch -18 hours through a first opportunity scrub and launch on the second opportunity. The orbiter was powered during the test in actual launch configuration using software build 8.1 and behaved nominally throughout the rehearsal.

Mars Polar Lander:

Lander launch processing activities are proceeding on schedule in the SAEF-2 facility at KSC with launch 72 days away. The reworked flight Pyro Initiation Unit (PIU) was reinstalled on the lander and all functions and interfaces were reverified successfully. This completes the diode rework activities on the lander. The medium gain antenna, flight batteries, and parachute cone assembly were installed. Thermal enclosure closeout was completed and the landing radar was installed. Rocket engine module functional testing was completed successfully. A walkdown of the lander was conducted by an independent mechanical expert to review/observe mechanical integrity and clearances prior to aeroshell installation now scheduled for October 26.

Time Lapse Movie

Mars Surveyor 98 Spacecraft At Kennedy Space Center
October 23, 1998

Mars Climate Orbiter
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Mars Polar Lander
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