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November 7, 1998

John McNamee
Mars Surveyor 98 Project Manager

Mars Climate Orbiter: Launch -33 days

Successfully completed the launch/init Mission Systems Test (MST) - final time this will be run on the orbiter prior to launch. An anomaly was observed in the flight Pyro Initiation Unit (PIU) during the start of the launch/init run with symptoms similar to that observed, and thought to be resolved, on the ATLO Test Unit (ATU) PIU. Troubleshooting is in progress.

Ordnance was installed on the orbiter. Troubleshooting of various open items was accomplished on the spacecraft. The harness/prop final walkdown was completed.

Mars Polar Lander: Launch -57 days

A procedural error cause the scipted attitude determination Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) MST to abort prior to completion. The cause is understood and the test will be repeated next week.

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