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December 4, 1998

John McNamee
Mars Surveyor 98 Project Manager

Mars Climate Orbiter:

Orbiter launch processing activities are proceeding on schedule on pad 17-A at Cape Canaveral with launch 6 days away. The mated orbiter/3rd stage were transported to the pad and mated with the Delta 1st and 2nd stage stack on November 30. The final major spacecraft and science instrument functional checkout prior to launch day was accomplished successfully on December 1. All elements of the orbiter spacecraft and science payload checked out ready for flight. The launch vehicle fairing was installed on December 4 as planned.

Mars Polar Lander:

Lander launch processing activities are proceeding on schedule in the Spacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility (SAEF-2) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) with launch vehicle 3rd stage mate 13 days away and launch 30 days away. Flight software version 8.2 (the launch build) was loaded on the lander and a final mission system test of the launch and initialization flight sequence was completed successfully using this version of flight software. Rocket Engine Module phasing tests were completed successfully. The JPL Director's Mission Readiness Review and Lockheed Martin's President's Review were conducted successfully.

Time Lapse Movie

Mars Surveyor 98 Spacecraft At Kennedy Space Center
December 4, 1998

Mars Climate Orbiter
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Mars Polar Lander
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