Artist Concept of NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN)
This image shows an artist concept of NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission.
UPDATE: 11.28.14

As of Friday, Nov. 28, the MAVEN science instruments have been turned back on following safe-mode recovery, and we have resumed collecting science data.


After ground testing and careful review over the last two days, MAVEN was successfully brought out of Safehold Mode the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 21. The spacecraft is operating nominally in Earth-Point Mode with high-rate communications. All the instruments are safe and are currently off. The spacecraft will be monitored over the weekend to ensure a safe condition before the instruments are turned back on.


MAVEN went into safehold mode on Wednesday, Nov. 19. The spacecraft goes into this state autonomously, when it detects a problem with its operations, to ensure that it stays safe and in contact with Earth. Safehold was triggered by a timing conflict between commands. This is part of learning how to operate the spacecraft in a new environment, as this is the first time the spacecraft has been in its full science-operations scenario. The instruments have all been turned off and are safe, the spacecraft is healthy and in high-data-rate contact with Earth. The spacecraft operations team is currently developing the schedule to return MAVEN to science operations.

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