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Watch the video 'Five Years on Mars' Five Years on Mars - Dec 22, 2008

In January, JPL will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Spirit and Opportunity landing on Mars, and the twin rovers will continue with their newest adventures.

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Watch the video 'Phoenix . A Tribute' Phoenix - A Tribute - Nov 11, 2008

After a picture-perfect landing, the Phoenix Mars Lander returned unprecedented views and new findings from Mars. north polar region.

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Watch the video 'Phoenix' Phoenix - Nov 11, 2008

The Mars Lander surpassed its original three-month mission, lasting five months in the Martian northern plains, digging up scientific 'firsts' along the way.

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Watch the video 'Mars Science Laboratory Overview' Mars Science Laboratory Overview - Nov 10, 2008

Did Mars once have an environment capable of supporting life? NASA's next rover will further unravel that mystery.

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Watch the video 'Ice Clouds in Martian Arctic (Accelerated Movie)' Ice Clouds in Martian Arctic (Accelerated Movie) - Sep 01, 2008

Clouds scoot across the Martian sky in a movie clip consisting of 10 frames taken by the Surface Stereo Imager on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander.

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Listen to Phoenix Descend Listen to Phoenix Descend - May 30, 2008

This animation shows the signal of Phoenix's descent, recorded by MELACOM.

Source: European Space Agency

Watch the video 'Phoenix Landing - Nerves and Joy' Phoenix Landing - Nerves and Joy - May 26, 2008

This video includes highlights from the entry, descent and landing phase as Mars Phoenix Lander touched down on the Red Planet on May 25, 2008.

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Watch the video 'The Challenges of Getting to Mars Phoenix Mars Lander: Entry Descent and Landing' The Challenges of Getting to Mars: Phoenix Mars Lander

Mars Landing Challenge - Big Science Ahead - May 25, 2008

Watch the video 'Guided Tour of Mars Landing' Guided Tour of Mars Landing - May 23, 2008

Rob Manning, chief engineer for JPL's Mars Program, walks us through a simulation of the Mars Phoenix landing.

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Watch the video 'Peeling Back Layers of a Martian Polar Ice Cap' Peeling Back Layers of a Martian Polar Ice Cap
- May 14, 2008

This artist's animation illustrates how NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used radar to map the insides of the north polar ice cap on Mars.

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