Artist's Concept of Mars Odyssey Aerobraking
Artist's Concept of Mars Odyssey Aerobraking
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Mars Orbit Insertion

NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey flight team successfully delivered the spacecraft into orbit around Mars as scheduled on October 24, 2001 (Universal Time). Read more ›

Sequence of Events Sequence of Events ›
See the minute-by-minute MOI action plan as Odyssey entered into orbit around Mars.
Doppler Plot Doppler Plot ›
The Doppler plot is watched throughout a space mission, but all eyes were fixed on it during Odyssey's Mars orbit insertion. Read more ›
MOI Trajectory Animations MOI Trajectory Animations ›
Animations showing various viewing perspectives of Mars Odyssey as it enters into orbit around Mars.
Wizard The Wizard
Check out Odyssey's "vital stats" throughout MOI, including the fuel, levels, altitude, orbital speed, and much more.
The wizard is no longer available
View of Spacecraft Orientation as it approached Mars.
The spacecraft view is no longer available