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Press Releases

Press releases provide the latest information from NASA about present and future missions to Mars. See also our features page for a behind-the-scenes view of Mars exploration.

Listen to the latest rover press conference.

Press Kits

Press kits are prepared before major spacecraft missions. Each press kit offers detailed background on the mission. However, press kits are not subsequently updated, so the content provides a snapshot of the mission at a particular point in time.

Fact Sheets

Mission fact sheets provide concise overviews of JPL's Mars missions. This information is relatively brief, but usually up-to-date.

High-Resolution Images

View our favorite images of Martian surface features, future spacecraft and more. For more high-resolution images of Mars, visit NASA's Planetary Photojournal.

Newsroom Contacts

    Video Requests

    Please submit all video requests through Xaviant Ford.
    Telephone: (818) 393-4484


    Media professionals can contact Guy Webster.
    Telephone: (818) 354-6278

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