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InSight FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my name still fly to Mars due to launch moving to 2018?

Yes, if you have a boarding pass, your name will fly to Mars when InSight launches.

What does submitting my name do?

All submitted names are reviewed, approved and then etched onto a microchip. The microchip is placed aboard the spacecraft, which will land on Mars. Here is an image of the chip mounted on the InSight Lander. We will put a second microchip next to this one.


What is a Frequent Flyer?

Users who (optionally) submit their email address when participating will become a “Frequent Flyer”. We will keep track of all missions you’ve participated in and all of your boarding passes in one place. Frequent Flyer miles will also be accumulated with each mission you join. We will provide a notice when the next opportunity to send your name to Mars becomes available.


Why can't I find my Orion boarding pass?

When searching for your boarding pass, you must type your name exactly as you submitted it (first name, last name) and use the same email with that name combination. Try variations on your name. Some people included a middle initial. Orion boarding pass.


I forgot my boarding pass number, how can I find it again?

When creating your boarding pass, it’s a good idea to use the mail option to mail a link to your boarding pass so you have it in your records. You can use the search tool on the Send Your Name to Mars - InSight homepage (near the bottom of the page) to search for your boarding pass using your name and country.


How do I print my boarding pass?

From your boarding pass page, click the print icon. You may need to adjust your Print settings to print in "Landscape" (wider than tall) mode instead of "Portrait" mode and you may also need to use the "Scale" button (or the button that shows the words "Shrink to Fit") to change the scale of the image so you see your name properly. For many browsers those options are available on the printer selection page that appears when you click the print icon. If you are having trouble, consider trying another browser type (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.)


How do I embed my boarding pass?

Clicking on the “embed” icon will provide HTML code which can be placed on a website so others can see your boarding pass.


I submitted my name on Orion but my name and email address are not recognized. What should I do?

When searching for your previous boarding pass, there must be an exact match with the name you originally input. Try variations on your name. Some people included a middle initial, or used an initial for their first name.


Why isn't my country on the list? Why isn't my country on the map?

We are using a popular map and country listing which we believe is fairly comprehensive, but it is possible that some countries or territories are missing. If you are aware of this situation please let us know and we will work to improve the listing.


Why did I receive a "No Fly" message?

Some submissions trigger filters which block certain words or phrases from being submitted. The “No Fly” message is a result of one of these filters being activated. If you believe this has occurred in error, please let us know and we can work to examine what may have caused the issue.


I accidentally wrote my name wrong. What should I do?

The quickest solution is to resubmit your name with the correction. We can work to correct submissions if you’d like to use the feedback form, but due to the volume of submissions, corrections can take some time to accommodate.


Where can I see a picture of the chip being sent on InSight?

An image of the final chip will be put on the InSight/Send your name to Mars pages, and the InSight Mission website.


Where can I see a list of names being sent on InSight?

We do not publish the final list of names. All names are reviewed prior to submission on the mission microchip.


I submitted my name on a previous Mars mission (Mars Science Lab, MAVEN, Mars Exploration Rovers).
Do I get frequent flyer points from that?

Participants prior to the Orion first test flight received a certificate of participation at the time they submitted. The Frequent Flyer program started with the Orion first test flight in 2014.


Who sees my name and email address?

All names are reviewed by a team of people at NASA and then sent to the microchip manufacturer. Your email is only used to allow you to track your Frequent Flyer participation, and to receive a notification when the next Send Your Name to Mars event occurs. See our Privacy Policy Statement for more information.