December 09, 2021

NASA wants to celebrate students who’ve persevered. From overcoming unexpected challenges and hurdles in getting the Perseverance rover to Mars, and executing operations on the surface, the rover team already knows quite a bit about what it means to persevere.

The “You’ve Got Perseverance” opportunity encourages teachers, educators, and community leaders to nominate middle school students who demonstrate perseverance in their academic journey. Select students will get a special message directly from the Perseverance rover on Mars, and the chance to talk with rover team members from mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The first opportunity to nominate opens on Dec. 9, 2021. Learn more:



Roxana Gonzales Burgos: NASA wants to know: what does perseverance mean to you?


Roxana Gonzales Burgos: Our Perseverance Mars rover and mission teams already know quite a bit about what it means to persevere.


Roxana Gonzales Burgos: We found a way to launch the rover from Earth in the middle of a global pandemic. And since surviving the trickiest Mars landing yet, we’ve continued to overcome unexpected challenges in day-to-day operations and collecting and storing our first rock samples for future return to Earth.


Roxana Gonzales Burgos: When you set your mind on a goal, and stick with it, you can accomplish almost anything. Do you know someone who has perseverance?


Roxana Gonzales Burgos: NASA is looking for nominations of middle school students from around the country, who’ve kept moving forward when the going got tough. The “You’ve Got Perseverance” award highlights the grit and determination of the next generation of explorers. Awardees will get to chat with NASA experts, and even get a once-in-a-lifetime personalized message direct from the Perseverance rover on Mars.


Roxana Gonzales Burgos: We can’t wait to hear how “You’ve Got Perseverance!”

You’ve Got Perseverance!

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