December 30, 2022

Since landing in February 2021, NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has sent back hundreds of thousands of images of the Red Planet. After each communication downlink, images go directly to the Perseverance Raw Images page: Members of the public can vote on their favorite images, and each week a new "Image of the Week" is selected. This video features Images of the Week from throughout 2022, giving a glimpse of Perseverance’s ongoing exploration of Jezero Crater on Mars – from finishing up its crater floor campaign, to arriving at the ancient river delta, to laying down its first sample tube for potential pickup by the Mars Sample Return mission.

The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach, which includes Artemis missions to the Moon that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is managed for the agency by Caltech in Pasadena, California, built and manages operations of the Perseverance rover.

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