This is a close-up look at a rock grind by made with Spirit 's robotic arm on a rock target dubbed "Mazatzal."

March 31, 2004

This microscopic image mosaic was created on sol 85 after NASA's MarsExploration Rover Spirit completed a second grind with its rock abrasiontool at the target "New York" on the rock named "Mazatzal." Thethree-hour, 23-minute grind occurred on sol 83.

This grind was performed at the same location but at a slightly differentangle than the first grind, which occurred on sol 82. This seconddrilling now reveals a full and somewhat deeper circle of underlyingrock that will allow for a more complete analysis of the interior of therock.

After the First Grind
This mosaic of four images from the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit'smicroscopic imager shows a target called "New York" on the surface of"Mazatzal." The image was acquired on sol 82 of the rover's mission afterthe rover ground into the left half of the target. The right side of the targethas been brushed but not drilled. Later, on sol 85, the rover ground the rightside to complete the hole. Each image making up this mosaic is 3centimeters (1.2 inches) across.




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