Global color map of Mars in an oval shape showing colors, which represent the highs and lows of Mars.  The landing sites for past missions are noted by stars and the four down selected landing sites for ExoMars are also noted.

April 3, 2014

MOLA elevation map of Mars with white circles showing the eight landing sites proposed for the ExoMars 2018 mission: Mawrth Vallis (for which 2 proposals were received), Oxia Planum (2 areas were proposed), Coogoon Valles, Hypanis Vallis, Simud Vallis, Oxia Palus and Southern Isidis.

A yellow star marks the position of the Curiosity rover; three other locations that were shortlisted for Curiosity are indicated with yellow circles. Other stars and ellipses are used to indicate past and future missions' touchdown spots.

This image was compiled by E. Hauber for the Landing Site Selection Working Group.


ESA-Roscosmos/LSSWG/E. Hauber


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